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REPORT: Court Denies Father’s Plea To Stop 8-Year-Old Son’s Puberty Blockers

The Erie Supreme Court denied a father's medical authority over his 8-year-old son, the Daily Mail reported Friday.

Dennis Hannon faces the reality of losing his right to participate in important medical decisions for his son. The issue at the center of the seven-year ordeal was a proposal to start hormone therapy for Hannon's 8-year-old son, a treatment aimed at facilitating gender reassignment. I was vehemently against it. according to to the Daily Mail.

The Supreme Court's decision effectively stripped Hannon of his ability to influence his son's treatment. He was only allowed to meet for just a few hours each week, the Daily Mail reported. “It was a nightmare,” Hannon said. daily mail. “It completely destroyed my life.” Financial constraints prevented him from pursuing further legal recourse.

At first, Hannon noticed some changes in her son's clothing. His ex-wife said that after they separated in 2015, she started dressing their 3-year-old child in feminine clothes, the newspaper reported. Even though she visited him regularly, Hannon was unaware of the child's dual nature. At home, his son was called Matthew, but before his mother he was called Ruby. (Related: Report finds significant spike in gender dysphoria diagnoses in all but one state)

An incident in 2019 left her confused after she received a letter from kindergarten called “Ruby Rose Hannon” that contained female pronouns. “She thought it had been mailed to the wrong address,” he said. “I was the last to know. [about the transition]. He was on a rapid trajectory to puberty blockers. ”

It was in 2020 that Hannon learned of his ex-wife's decision to see a therapist who specializes in transgender care. The Daily Mail reported that she had sought puberty-blocking drugs for her child, but this was done without her knowledge. Excluding him from a child's journey of gender exploration. Despite this progress, there was no formal diagnosis of gender dysphoria for his child. Gender dysphoria is a condition characterized by significant discomfort resulting from the discrepancy between experienced and assigned gender.

A Montana family recently faced losing custody of their 14-year-old daughter on the premise that her mental health could only be improved through gender reassignment, a decision that was ruled out by Child Protective Services. promoted.

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