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REPORT: Florida Mom Disappeared For Days, Found Stuck Inside Freight Container

A Florida mother was found Thursday inside a shipping container after being missing for three days, according to the New York Post.

Marlene Lopez, 52, was found after police were alerted to the sound of a crash coming from a locked shipping container, the New York Post reported. The container she was found in was used to store a lawnmower. Lopez appeared confused and she was immediately taken to the hospital. Other than possible dehydration, she said, Lopez was not injured.

Lopez was reported missing on Wednesday but was last seen on Monday. “Lopez was last seen Monday at her home on Lucerne Avenue. A co-worker who was unable to pick up her son called her, concerned for her welfare. Detectives responded and located a known location. “The Cocoa Police Department said on Facebook that a missing persons bulletin has been issued. post. (Related: Man who went missing on Alaska trip made creepy Facebook post days before disappearance)

“Detectives responded by beginning a search of known locations, interviewing family members and issuing a missing persons bulletin. During the course of the investigation, detectives received a call that a woman had been found. “Someone heard the banging on the door of the shipping container and unlocked the door,” the Cocoa Police Department said in a statement. Click on Orlando.

The container's owner, Tyler Sonneberg, found a lighter and a pipe near where Lopez was found, the New York Post reported. He said he met Lopez nearby the previous Monday night. He speculated that Lopez may have been knocked unconscious in the container, and police are investigating the incident further and are still formulating theories.

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