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REPORT: Left-Wing Presidential Candidate Who Wants Higher Taxes Owes $500,000 In Unpaid Taxes

Cornell West, a longtime advocate of heavy taxes on the wealthy, is said to have owed more than $500,000 in unpaid taxes, The Daily Beast reported Thursday.

According to filings in Mercer County, New Jersey, and Los Angeles, California, the Green Party candidate owes a whopping $543,778.78 in federal tax liens. Acquisition By Daily Beast. (Related: ‘The View’ collapses over Cornell West)

Between 1998 and 2004, West amassed $724,397.26 in liens, according to the report. He eventually paid off the debt in 2010, according to the media. He also allegedly failed to pay $34,069.93 in taxes in 2008 and finally paid off the amount in 2012.

West has long advocated for tax increase. green party, left wing politics Party with West looking for To be a candidate for , I support policies that make the tax system unfavorable to the wealthy. “Our current tax system is grossly unfair. The Green Party website is full of loopholes, subsidies and workarounds for corporations and the ultra-rich,” it says.

West also staunch critic He voiced the opinion of the rich and claimed to perpetuate a system that kept the poor in a position of oppression. “Without some redistribution of wealth and power, downward liquidity and debilitating poverty will continue to push people down a desperate path,” West said. I have written at Race Matters.

West denied the allegations in a statement to the Daily Beast.

“Brother, I have asked accountants to answer these accusations, some of which are not true,” West wrote in the Daily Beast.

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