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REPORT: NFL Still Seeking Something That’s Going To Make All Of Us Happy And Their Players Livid — An 18-Game Schedule

The players aren't going to like it, but I'm 100 percent into the 18-game schedule.

And that could happen, as the NFL reportedly continues its efforts to eliminate the third preseason game and move the regular season schedule from 17 to 18 games.

The league's new plan still calls for a total of 20 weeks, but two preseason games make for a beautiful 18-game regular season — I feel like the good times are just around the corner, folks.

Pro football's Mike Florio speaks broke the news Sunday. (Related: Former NFL superstar Braylon Edwards saves elderly man's life after YMCA attack: Report)

“The first hint is [the plan for an 18-game schedule] Browns GM Andrew Berry appeared on PFT Live to explain that Cleveland and other teams are proposing to push the trade deadline back by 14 days, from the Tuesday after Week 8 to the Tuesday after Week 10. “Here we are,” Florio wrote.

Berry said the week is intended to make up for the extra week created by Game 17 of the regular season, with Week 2 in anticipation of the regular season expanding to an additional 18 games. That happened on Tuesday. In talking to people afterward, I mentioned Berry's plans with hopes for another game. Basically, the response was, “Yeah.” It's coming. ”

Florio went on to say that if this happens, it probably won't go into effect until the next labor agreement, but the accompanying good news is that the NFL is expected to have the same aggressiveness as the NFL. It was explained that. In the past, they forced an 18-game schedule.

Just when you thought the NFL was going down with the Taylor Swift Bubblegum style, they pull this one.

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