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REPORT: Police Charge Felon-Turned-Activist With Murder After Finding Head, Torso Of Prison Rival

NEW YORK (NEW YORK) – A convicted felon turned criminal justice activist has been charged with murder in New York City after New York City police found body parts in the victim's apartment in the Bronx. The Post reported.

Sheldon Johnson, 48, is suspected of killing Colin Small, 44, at Small's apartment Tuesday night, police said. report. Johnson, reportedly wearing a dark coat over a yellow hoodie, was seen on surveillance video glancing surreptitiously around the apartment before entering the apartment carrying a mop and a bag of detergent. It is said that he was

Neighbors told the NY Post that they heard Small scream, “Stop!” just before they heard two gunshots. I have a family! '' Johnson was also reportedly seen leaving in Small's car and returning in an Uber while wearing a blonde wig.

Johnson also reportedly entered the apartment with a blue garbage can, but did not remove it from the apartment. His alleged disguise aroused the suspicions of the building superintendent. “He's coming in, changing his clothes, changing his personality. I said, 'That's not normal, he's hiding something,'” the building director reportedly told the NY Post. .

Investigators responding to the shooting did not initially arrest Johnson.

Johnson then called for a building superintendent, but before the superintendent could respond, police reportedly returned and arrested Johnson.

“If I was gone, we'd never know what he was going to do,” the superintendent was quoted as saying. “He was trying to frame me or shoot me or do something to get rid of the camera or something.”

The superintendent reportedly directed police to search the trash can that Johnson allegedly brought into Small's apartment. There, police found the torso and also found the head in Small's freezer, the report said.

“I feel like the devil was crawling in here last night,” a resident who said she saw Johnson walking her dog a few days before the murder told the New York Post. “Sometimes we can be fooled by appearances…you think this guy has a professional career…” (Related: 'This is heavy': Volunteers find dead body stuffed into suitcase dumped in lake)

Johnson, a former inmate who was released in 2019 after serving a 20-year sentence for robbery, was a fellow inmate of Small at Sing Sing Prison in Westchester County and may have harbored a grudge against him, the paper said. pointed out.

After his release, Mr Johnson reportedly worked for local public law firm Queen's Defenders. He has become a prominent advocate, appearing on Joe Rogan's podcast and posing for a photo with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the paper said.

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