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Freedom Friends

Patriotic Children’s Book: Empower kids to achieve the American Dream through American history.

The Dust Never Settles

Stacey Goodman was a patrol officer serving her community on Long Island. When terrorists struck New York City, she was activated by the federal government and thrust into the heart of chaos for the next 23 days.

Forbidden Truth Academy

Jake was made a strawman by the mockingbird media on January 6th 2021 and has served time in prison, much of which was spent in solitary confinement. Since his release he has made it his mission to clear his name and bring unity to his country through knowledge and education.

Patriot Academy has a bold mission: to equip and educate a generation of citizen leaders to champion the cause of freedom and truth in every sector of society, as we help restore our Constitutional Republic and the Biblical principles that cause a Nation to thrive.