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ROOKE: DC Republicans Prove The Swamp Is As Infested And Useless As Ever

Nikki Haley finally won the District of Columbia's Republican primary after losing state after state to former President Donald Trump over and over again.

If Republican voters have ever wondered whether Republicans in Washington, D.C., understand the issues facing them and ordinary Americans, Haley's victory confirms that they do. The realization that they have not done so should solidify in their minds. In the 2020 general election, D.C. voters overwhelmingly voted for President Joe Biden. Trump received just 5% of the vote in the district. The 2024 Republican primary was much the same.Only about 2,000 people voted; samplingHaley received 63% of the vote to Trump's 33%.

In states with primaries, Haley has been able to hold out because Democrats are hoping Biden, the failed candidate, can sneak a victory in the November race. This is because there is a willingness to side with the option “But.” The candidate was firmly rejected by the Republican base.

However, the DC is not an open primary. For voters, her victory is an eye-opener about who will run the nation's most important office, as only registered Republicans can vote in the Washington, D.C., primary. (Luke: Biden's spy agency targets conservative journalists. The America you grew up in no longer exists)

Haley is not Base selection She also has support in states such as Iowa, South Carolina, Michigan, Missouri, Idaho and New Hampshire, but the political class in Washington, D.C., overwhelmingly supports her. Haley is loved by people who think they know better than the Republican base about what issues and policies are good for them.

Dan Schubert, D.C. Republican Party Chairman Patrick Mara and Chief Revenue Officer of the National Association of Wholesalers and Distributors, perfectly sums up this point with a quote about Haley's victory: politiko.

“This universe is a little more sophisticated than any other state's universe,” Mara told the outlet. “I listen to political podcasts in the morning. I read newsletters all day. I'm probably about half the people here.”

“You have a really committed political class,” Schubert says. hosted Haley said her D.C. campaign will be suspended. “You know, people read 'POLITICO.' They read 'The Hill.' People here read the Washington Post. ”

Mara and Schubert are among the Republicans in the D.C. echo chamber who read mainstream media newsletters and political commentaries and learn about all the people who work on campaigns and live in their districts to understand what's important to Americans. I believe I can better understand what is good. In the political hierarchy, they think they are at the top, but the family of six, plagued by the economic and social consequences of their arrogance, are clueless lemmings.

Ms. Haley's presidential campaign was a wish list item for veteran conservatives in the Republican Party, the polar opposite of the new Republican Party. Central America does not want to send its sons off to endless wars in the desert where death is inevitable. Parents are disgusted by the current state of the American education system, which functions as an indoctrination camp for far-left policies. Working-class Americans can not only see, but feel, how illegal immigrants endanger their families, lower wages, and force them to compete for legitimate jobs. (ROOKE: Biden's border crisis exposes secrets of America's dirty foreign agents)

While Trump captures the anxieties of everyday Americans in the same way that Democrats did before her, Haley is campaigning like a Reagan-era Republican who lacks this acumen. He defends these people and says it's okay to recognize how these policies affect them, and promises to correct course when he returns to power.

The way the Republican political class ignores this reality is why the base takes two steps forward and one step back. At the state level, Republicans are strengthening election integrity, fighting back against open borders, and stamping out the proliferation of DEI, while the swamp in Washington, D.C., is afraid to even admit that these issues matter. , much less fight against the radicals who carry it out. (Luke: Democrats are already preparing new election law shenanigans for 2024)

It takes a certain amount of ignorance and arrogance to tell Republican voters that they cannot maintain the safe, prosperous country they grew up in. Republicans' desire for policies focused on putting Americans first means that Trump will be unpopular and won't win when he defeats their preferred candidate. , Haley has hit the ground running in every state, gaining momentum with each win. His political influence lies not only in his one-liners and his smooth-talking campaigning style, but also in his belief that everyone else should forget about patriotism and the American Dream and instead bow down to the world organization. Because it gave voice to the base that was speaking. He is ruining their country.

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