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ROOKE: Leaked Docs Reveal The Trans Cult Is Going Even Further Than We Ever Knew

Environmental groups late Monday released leaked documents from the world's top doctors' group that determines the right direction for transgender medicine for youth and adults.

Internal investigation results WPATH file Issuer environmental progress It exposes the sinister reality of this pseudoscience that captivates America's children and goes far beyond our imaginations.

World Association of Transgender Health Professionals (W pass) is the leading organization that most doctors, hospitals, and clinics look to for guidance on appropriate treatment for children and adults who see health care professionals with gender dysphoria.

Screenshot of WPATH file of environment progress

Even just three years ago, the transgender epidemic was largely misunderstood as affecting a small number of confused children and adults. However, the huge increase in the number of people who identify as trans (particularly young girls) has made it a household topic. This is the result of a social contagion that makes healthy children believe that they were born into the wrong body, and the only corrective action to solve this problem is to chemically and surgically alter the body. .

Most American families are not immune to the tendency for children to express a desire to change their gender identity.

The crux of the issue is whether parents can trust medical information given to them by doctors. The documentation clearly shows that it is not possible. (Luke: American parents take on trans cult and win big in Maine)

Conversations surrounding medical recommendations for permanent surgery revealed that some surgeons needed two permission slips to proceed with surgery to remove the breasts of underage girls, the report said. He is said to have lamented. Doctors called the requirement to confirm that girls suffer from gender dysphoria “gatekeeping.” This is the term progressive activists use when anyone of sound mind is concerned about bold actions being taken.

Screenshot of WPATH file of environment progress

One doctor promises to help write a second letter if another signature is needed to approve the surgery, even though he clearly has never treated the patient in question. did.

Screenshot of WPATH file of environment progress

Through reports and video conference recordings, top people in the world of transgender medicine have provided information on how minors are given hormone blocking drugs, cross-sex hormones, and even undergo surgery to remove healthy body parts. Top leaders in the transgender medical world agree that it is simply impossible to give informed consent. Genital organs such as breasts, penis, and uterus.

While this seems like an obvious conclusion to anyone who has been with children for an extended period of time, what has not been acknowledged until now is that most parents who are responsible for making health care decisions for their confused children It also means that they are unable to make informed decisions. biological knowledge to do so.

“But what really concerns me is that my parents are not telling me what I need to know about medical interventions that they clearly consented to,” Diane Berg admitted, according to the statement.

Conversations among medical professionals concerned about informed consent include parents choosing to make permanent arrangements for their children based on unproven science that maims, sterilizes, and kills people. Concerns about whether he is making a decision are condensed.

Parents clearly have a sacred right to determine their child's medical needs. This was not questioned until recently, when progressive activists began a political revolution fighting to destroy these protections.

Part of this aggression stems from cornering parents. A growing number of states are enacting policies that separate children from their protective parents if they refuse to follow the “affirmative” model. This idea requires accepting a child's false gender identity, even if it means hormone blocking drugs, cross-sex hormones, and permanent surgery.

Screenshot of WPATH file of environment progress

Most parents understand that their child needs therapy that does not allow them to accept the illusion that their child was born in the wrong body and needs medical intervention to “fix” it. Still, if these parents explore other options (thanks to transgender activists), the state will label them as abusers.

Another aspect of the revolution against parental protection is the attack on American children through the radicalization of the American education system.many schools adopt a policy This allows children to socially and sometimes medically transition into their desired gender without their parents' knowledge or consent. These guidelines are harmful to real life and keep parents away from discussing serious, life-altering topics. (Luke: Thanks to Joy Reid. Her public support for child porn makes my job easier.)

For a long time, the medical community has portrayed hormone blockers and other hormone treatments as reversible or non-permanent treatments for children to “try out” being part of the opposite sex.

The report shows that these procedures are neither, and in fact cause lifelong medical complications such as infertility, lack of orgasm, and increased chance of developing newly discovered cancerous masses. I am.

According to the report, WPATH President Marcy Bowers acknowledged that the effects of puberty blockers on the fertility and sexual satisfaction of these children as adults have not been well studied.

“The onset of the orgasmic response is not fully understood and blockers pose a major challenge to this. Fertility and more problematic surgical outcomes in adulthood are also a concern,” Bowers told WPATH Said on the forum.

“There are no studies that I'm aware of on fertility issues, because while the onset of puberty allows for fertility options, inhibitors prevent that opportunity,” she added. “The issue of orgasm response has become more thorny and observational, but this is largely due to the increasing population of adolescent-blocked people seeking gender-affirming surgical care in the coming years. (i.e., our office currently provides that care to a large number of people.) To date, we are not aware of any individual claims. [the] Ability to reach orgasm when blocked by Tanner 2. ”

As adults, we understand the reality of not being able to have children or experience a full sexual relationship with a spouse. Still, there's no way for a 13-year-old to fully understand the gravity of this loss. We also don't know whether healthcare providers are telling parents that these blockers are simply buying them time to resolve their child's confusion.

Screenshot of WPATH file of environment progress

To make matters worse, it appears that cross-sex hormones are known to cause more problems than just voice changes or increased breast tissue. The risks of long-term use for women are pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), cardiovascular health, and even death.

Many medical professionals recorded in the WPATH files have noted that they have cases with some of these issues.

“For example, in a discussion thread on March 24, 2022, a nurse asked about a “young patient” who developed pelvic inflammatory disease after three years of testosterone treatment. At birth, the female is “atrophied, resulting in the persistent yellow discharge that is often seen,” the nurse wrote. Vaginal atrophy is the thinning, dryness, and inflammation of the vaginal walls that occurs when a woman's estrogen levels decrease, usually after menopause. “For many women, vaginal atrophy not only causes painful sexual intercourse, but also leads to unpleasant urinary symptoms,” the report states.

Screenshot of WPATH file of environment progress

“In December 2021, a physician described a 16-year-old patient who developed a large liver tumor after taking norethindrone acetate for several years to suppress menstruation and testosterone for a year. “Pt. “Two liver masses (hepatic adenomas) were found, measuring 11 x 11 cm and 7 x 7 cm, and both the oncologist and surgeon suggested that the likely causative agent was hormones,” the doctor wrote. WPATH file reported.

“Another doctor responded to this with an anecdote about a female colleague who developed liver cancer after taking testosterone for about 8 to 10 years.'' According to the report, “As far as I know, it was his fault.'' “It was related to hormonal treatment,” the doctor said, without giving further details because the cancer was so advanced that his colleague died several months later.

This is medieval torture in a modern medical setting, using American children as test subjects. These doctors acknowledge that the procedure is a theory and that there is insufficient medical data to prove the results are beneficial. Our medical practice's duty to “do no harm” is completely ignored when it comes to gender medicine. The only logical step forward is for the U.S. government to open an investigation into the abuse of these patients to ensure that no more children are captured by this deadly ideology.

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