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ROOKE: Rich MSNBC Liberals Are Laughing Their Way To Their Worst Nightmare

Jen Psaki, Biden's former press secretary turned MSNBC pundit, and her colleagues after exit polls found illegal immigration to be the No. 1 issue among Super Tuesday voters in Virginia. Rachel Maddow was attacked for laughing.

“I live in Virginia. Immigration has been the biggest issue,” Psaki said. Said Tuesday evening.

“Well, Virginia has a border with West Virginia!” Maddow responded as all the panelists laughed, joking that “it's time to build a wall.”

For some reason, they thought it was ridiculous for Virginians to worry about the impact of President Joe Biden's open borders policy. As much as they constantly criticize the existence of conservatives, they seem to be out of touch with mainstream America. But in the end, their arrogance will benefit the Republican Party and get former President Donald Trump. crowding Before Biden in 2024. (Luke: Texas brings back the Alamo spirit by throwing a big middle finger in Joe Biden's face)

In 2016, President Trump advocated closing borders and putting Americans first. Stanley Greenberg, a longtime Democratic strategist, said in 2022 that President Trump's tactics are what won him four years in the White House, and it's Democrats who won't see the results. I warned you. This wall would cause political parties to lose support among working-class Americans.

In his work, he blame Former President Barack Obama criticized the country for failing to “give voice to the hurt and anger that working-class voters were feeling” due to the dire economy. In 2016, President Obama urged blue-collar workers in the Rust Belt to vote after destroying their industry with regulation and illegal immigration.

There is a fundamental disconnect between voters and the political class that President Trump exploited in 2016, and there appears to be momentum to do it again. These wealthy “girlboss” liberals had hoped that issues like abortion and the war in Gaza would be the top issues that would drive voters to the polls, but the reality is that in three years of the Biden administration, the U.S. The population is generally stressed, poor, and unsafe. The large influx of illegal immigrants is also one of the reasons.

While border states like Texas remain on the front lines of illegal immigration, the rest of the continental United States is undoubtedly noticing the negative effects of Biden's open border policies. (ROOKE: Biden's border crisis exposes secrets of America's dirty foreign agents)

Just 30 minutes from Psaki's safe $1 million home in Arlington, Virginia, an illegal immigrant killed a 2-year-old playing in a stroller. Not to mention a 14-year-old girl from Virginia. allegedly raped By illegal immigrants from Venezuela.

The parents of Laken Riley, a Georgia college student who was allegedly raped and murdered by an illegal immigrant, are still too grieved to accept their loss. invitation He welcomed Congressman Mike Collins as a guest at the State of the Union. According to reports, Riley's attacker was arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Protection when he entered the United States illegally through the southern border, but was later released.

Americans, regardless of their state of residence, understand that one of the greatest threats to America is unchecked illegal immigration.Daily Caller News Foundation report It was only in January that federal authorities arrested Somali terrorists from the terrorist organization al-Shabaab on the California border. He was released and allowed to travel to the interior of the United States before the U.S. government arrested him in Minnesota.

More than 170 suspects on terrorist watch list found The Biden administration recently admitted to flying more than 320,000 “asylum seekers” from Mexico into the interior of the United States to avoid being counted.

Even without the tragedies wrought by criminals and gangs in other countries, American workers would feel the impact that millions of newly available cheap labor would have on their wages and employment prospects. I can do it. Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released The report predicts that “downward pressure” on real wages in the United States will continue through at least 2027 and could continue until 2034. (ROOKE: Big things Americans can learn from Tucker's interview with President Putin)

Of course, Psaki and her co-panelists don't have to worry about rape or murder or economic “downward pressure.” This is because they enjoy large salaries from failed media companies and can afford to live in areas where these risks are largely absent. . When people like Psaki and Maddow act as spokespeople for elites and promote policies that directly benefit them, they tend to ignore harsh realities and see illegal immigration as nothing more than an abundance of cheap slave labor. is.

When my fellow Americans vote for security and prosperity over chaos and open borders in November, they will act surprised. Panelists will describe rural whites as racist xenophobes who voted for Trump out of fear of brown people. While ignoring deaths like Laken Riley's because they don't fit their story.

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