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ROOKE: Virginia Has A Problem Only The Governor Can Fix

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, who holds executive veto power, is the only person in the General Assembly who can protect important historic sites that are under attack by activists. It's up to him to decide whether future generations of Americans will have access to the homes in which those responsible for founding the United States grew up.

February 6th, Virginia State Senate Passed SB517. This bill would strip the tax-exempt status of the Virginia Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and all property owned by that group and the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

At first glance, that doesn't seem like a big deal. The Union won the Civil War, so why should Americans care whether descendants of Confederates receive tax exemptions for their organizations and property? Despite what we may be led to believe, these monuments convey important historical lessons to future generations that should not be forgotten.

Stratford Hall, Stonewall Jackson House, and other properties owned by the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation and the Stonewall Jackson Memorial are funded by the Daughters of the Confederacy. These homes are now museums displaying important Southern art, sculpture, and historical information, offering a glimpse into the people who played a key role in helping Americans understand the complexities of the Civil War. can. (ROOKE: The Left's Cultural Revolution Comes to America's Most Sacred Sites)

Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson was Born in Clarksburg, Virginia (now West Virginia). He rose above his father's death and his horrible stepfather and graduated from West Point. He served as a lieutenant and then as a brevet major. US 1st Artillery in the Mexican War. For ten years after the war with Mexico, he taught as a university professor. Virginia Military Institute.

Mr. Jackson did not want Virginia to secede from the Union. Still, when the Union voted to secede, he accepted a colonelship in the Confederate Army and was later promoted to brigadier general. He was impressive on the battlefield and led his men with honor and distinction. Second Battle of Bull Run (The origin of his nickname “Stonewall”) battle of antietam, battle of fredericksburg And that battle of chancellorsville.

Our country is divided into two groups. One group desperately tries to hold on to the ideals of the people who made America the greatest nation that ever lived, and the other group works tirelessly to erase the history that binds our republic together.

Left-wing activists come for our history because it is easier to erase their metaphors about American history than to explain them as false and full of anti-American hatred. It's hard for modern Americans to grasp a time before the creation of a vast federal government with spy agencies and the power to arrest citizens over political differences. But for some, joining the Union or the Confederacy was as simple as answering the call of their home state. (Luke: So-called Republicans are helping Biden gaslight Americans)

of Virginia It is the birthplace of many of the Founding Fathers and important American intellectuals who helped shape America from a colonial society to a republic. Erasing this history will not make up for the brutality of slavery. It only ensures that the lessons fought in the blood of people far greater than ourselves are lost.

Americans have a common bond. It seems strange to say this in this day and age of social division, but it is true nonetheless. It is truly American to persevere in the face of all adversity, to answer the call of one's fellow citizens, and to fight, sometimes to the death, for the honor of our country.

The Confederate army lost, and the Union army became stronger because of it. Future generations need to walk through museums and engage with this history in order to live out what it means to come together. In times like those facing Americans today, erasing the lessons of our ancestors means the death of the nation they formed for us. (ROOKE: Biden's border crisis exposes secrets of America's dirty foreign agents)

Americans are the descendants of men who tamed vast wildernesses filled with hostile populations to build a land of freedom for all who aspire to protect the natural rights of man. These Western ideals created a world in which slavery was naturally an abomination. No nation is better at protecting individual freedom than the United States, and its history deserves to be preserved intact.

Yonkin He finds himself a Virginian called to action. He is the only one who can stand up like a stone wall to an enemy who cheers America's downfall by selectively erasing America's heritage.

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