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‘Roseanne’ Actor Martin Mull Dies At 80

Martin Mull died at home on Thursday aged 80 after a long illness.

The multitalented entertainer, known for her roles in “Roseanne,” “Sabrina” and the cult film “Clue,” has been pronounced dead by her daughter, Maggie Mull. Social media He will be mourning the death of his father on Friday.

“I am heartbroken to share that my dad passed away on June 27th at his home after a long illness. He was talented in every creative field imaginable and was best known for his Red Roof Inn commercials. He would have thought that joke was funny. It never wasn't,” she wrote on Instagram. (RELATED: 'Starsky & Hutch' star David Soul dies at 80)

“He will be deeply missed by his wife and daughters, his friends and colleagues, fellow artists, comedians and musicians and, as a testament to what a wonderful person he was, his many dogs. I loved him very much.”

His television career began in 1976 in the comedy soap opera “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman,” and in 1990 he also appeared in the series “His & Hers.” TMZ reportOutside of television, Martin was known for his comedic roles, including as Colonel Mustard in the film “Clue,” and appearances in “Jingle All the Way” and “Mr. Mom.”

His comedic talents also extend to music and writing, having released several Grammy-nominated comedy albums and published a book, TMZ reports.

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