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RSHS announces Byron Bolen as the new Assistant Principal and Athletic Director

Courtesy of Rock Springs High School

Wyo4News Staff, [email protected] [PRESS RELEASE]

Rock Springs, Wyoming — Rock Springs High School and Sweetwater County First School District are pleased to announce the hiring of Byron Bohlen as their new Athletic Director and Assistant Principal for the 2023-2024 school year.

Bohlen has extensive experience in school leadership, athletics and activities, which brings to RSHS a desire not only to grow the athletic program, but also to develop the athletes into outstanding student-athletes. Rock Springs High School is looking forward to this new chapter in its Athletic and Activity Program.

Mr. Bolen provided the following biography:

I graduated from high school in Sugar Land, Texas in the early 90’s and started working in the service industry at a carpet cleaning and restoration startup called Venturi Technologies. It was an incredible experience that taught me the value of hard work, doing things right the first time, and giving our customers the best experience possible.Moved to Arizona in the late 90’s , Eastern Arizona College, and then Northern Arizona University, where he studied American politics and economics.

After college, I got my first job teaching in a small rural school district in White Mountains, Arizona. I liked it I love teaching and mentoring and have found ways to bring my passion and competitiveness into my work as a teacher in the classroom, as a coach on the court, and as a director on stage. I found that I was really good at getting the best out of them because I believed in them, I loved them, and I wanted the best for them.

I had been teaching for 12 years and had taken several courses towards my master’s degree, but lacked the time and money to actually complete it, so I ended up working as a safety trainer at a nearby power plant. became. I already earned his OSHA certification and was able to teach 10 and 30 hour outreach classes. Additionally, helped his father with his contractor business development firm in Texas and also helped a friend of mine supplement my income over the years with his safety training business. So going to the power plant was an easy step towards achieving my goals and getting my master’s degree.

My first administrative position was District Athletic Director. This position was great for me. It was an Athletics all-in on the Navajo Reservation. Known for his love of basketball, he owned a 6,500-seat indoor basketball arena, the premier venue for “Rezball.” In addition to basketball, it has revived its football program, installed new grass baseball and softball fields, and hosted many wrestling, volleyball, and basketball tournaments. As an AD, I have been able to bring my passion for teaching, my love for children, my passion for athletics, and my passion for student achievement to take the program to new levels of excellence. I found that I was able to demonstrate my competitiveness and my love of giving children great experiences on a whole new level.

At the time, my family lived about six hours away, so I decided to take a managerial position closer to home. This was the beginning of my experience as a principal. Over my years as principal, I have been able to see my students, regardless of their circumstances, in the classroom, on the field, on stage, and personally, successful and ready for college and careers. To achieve this kind of result, you must believe that your students can do it and commit to setting high expectations for them.

My philosophy of education and school has evolved over the years. My vision is to ensure that every student is successful and personally driven through an effective team of teachers, staff, parents and community. In a safe and supportive learning environment dedicated to the value of high expectations. My return to athletics is my belief that I can make a tremendous impact on everyone involved! We truly believe that we can bring benefits to our communities. Sports meets and school events bring communities together like no other. We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of that effort at Rock Springs High School to provide a great experience for everyone involved!

What brought me to beautiful Wyoming is my honest feelings about life and freedom, this great America and the great outdoors, this breathtakingly beautiful land, and the incredible opportunity to work at Rock Springs High School. I am extremely honored to work with Superintendent McGovern, Principal Sappes, and all of the high school staff to serve this wonderful community and provide these children with a truly rich and empowering experience.

This is why I live. My drive is to positively impact people’s lives and help them reach their full potential!

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