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Rudy Giuliani Abruptly Agrees To Withdraw Bankruptcy Case Moments Before Hearing

Rudy Giuliani suddenly agreed to withdraw his bankruptcy filing just before his trial on Wednesday, Law & Crime reported.

Giuliani's bankruptcy proceedings reversed course during a hearing on Wednesday, which resulted in the dismissal of his Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization. Giuliani had initially sought conversion to Chapter 7, which would have allowed him to liquidate his assets to pay creditors, but ultimately chose to accede to the demands of disgraced Georgia election officials and dismiss the proceedings altogether. according to to law and crime.

Ruby Freeman, the campaign staffer who was defamed, has asked her lawyers to ask the court to dismiss Giuliani's bankruptcy lawsuit, which would prevent him from re-filing the suit and would effectively force him to pay the $148 million in defamation damages already awarded by the court, the outlet reported. (Related: Photo of former mayor's grinning face revealed)

“The Debtors ask that the Court grant the Freeman Plaintiffs the relief they request and dismiss the action,” the motion states. Said“Alternatively, the debtor is requesting that a Chapter 11 case be converted to Chapter 7. The Commission [of Unsecured Creditors] “We have not consented to the dismissal of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.”

The hearing saw some fierce debate, particularly from the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors, which opposed the dismissal of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. This group of creditors likely supported a restructuring approach to resolve Giuliani's debts in a more structured way, Law & Crime said.

According to Law&Crime, the judge's leaning toward dismissing the lawsuit reflects the complexity and high stakes of the case, especially given Giuliani's significant financial and legal challenges.

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