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Saban: ‘If I was going to coach, I’d stay at Alabama forever’

Last week, shortly after it was announced that Saban would be participating in ESPN's College GameDay coverage, Saban competed in the Pro-Am division of the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

After Saban got off the track, he was interviewed by comedian Michael Turner. He asked him a hilarious question, and Saban responded with an answer that made Tide fans smile.

“Do you think you would have had more job opportunities this offseason if you had one more year to prove yourself at Alabama?” the comedian asked.

“Well, it was a really difficult decision. We're excited to start the next phase of our lives and have the opportunity to do something like this and have some fun,” Saban replied with a laugh.

Turner pursued further, claiming that “doing what I've always wanted to do” includes coaching Arizona State as the closest program to an event in Phoenix.

“Why did you avoid the program? Were you scared of the Pac-12? You're in the Big 12 now, so it's okay,” Turner jokingly asked.

“If I was going to coach, I would stay at Alabama forever,” Saban said with a big smile.

Michael Brauner is a senior sports analyst and contributing writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @MBraunerWNSP

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