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Salon Owner Jailed For Violating COVID Lockdown Unseats Incumbent In State House Primary

A salon owner jailed for violating coronavirus lockdown restrictions unseated an incumbent state lawmaker in the Texas Republican primary Tuesday night.

Shelley Luther, who was arrested for disobeying closure orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, defeated incumbent Reggie Smith to win the Texas House of Representatives District 62, according to the Associated Press. won a seat.

According to the paper, Mr. Luther won 53.4% ​​(16,946 votes) in the Texas Republican primary, while Mr. Smith fell short with 46.6% (14,774 votes).

The owner of Salon A La Mode was jailed for continuing to operate in Dallas in defiance of stay-at-home orders. Luther was sentenced to seven days in jail in May 2020 following multiple court orders.

Luther rejected a deal offered by Dallas County Judge Eric Moye to avoid prison time, and was jailed as a result. The deal required her to apologize for “selfishly” continuing to operate her business, pay her fine and close the salon until her governor's emergency order ends. . (Related: 'Business is good': Incarcerated Texas salon owner says 'Fox & Friends' people fly far for haircuts)

“There are hairdressers who are hungry because they want to feed their children,” Luther said at the time, before going to prison. “So if you think the law is more important than feeding your kids, then go ahead and make that decision. But I'm not going to close the salon.”

The Texas Supreme Court ordered Luther's release on May 7, 2020. Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott amended his executive order in response to Luther's incarceration and pressure from Americans across the country.

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