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Saturday, Sunday Weather Update: Windy

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March 2nd and 3rd

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Our friends say windy weather is expected across central Arizona today and Sunday, including Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Chino Valley. National Weather Service, Flagstaff, Arizona.

Strong winds will blow from today until Sunday. Wind gusts strong enough to cause wind damage (downed trees and branches, power outages) are possible in some areas along and immediately northeast of the highlands. These winds could create difficult driving conditions, especially along I-40 from the east side of Flagstaff to Winslow.

The gust peaks on the map are:

  • Grand Canyon 60-65 mph
  • Flagstaff 50-55 mph
  • Sedona 35-40 mph
  • Prescott 45-50 mph
  • Camp Verde 35-40 mph

Please be careful!


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