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Scarlett Johansson Mimics Sen. Katie Britt’s SOTU Rebuttal In SNL Sketch

Scarlett Johansson appeared in the cold open of “Saturday Night Live” and imitated Republican Alabama Sen. Katie Britt's rebuttal to President Joe Biden's State of the Union address.

Johansson said, “SNLOn stage, he imitated Britt and performed a performance that combined political satire and absurdity.

“My name is Katie Britt and I am honored to serve the great people of Alabama,” Johansson said in the sketch. “But tonight I'm auditioning for the role of 'Scary Mom.' I'll be performing an original monologue called 'This Country Is Hell.'”

“You know, I'm not just a senator, I'm also a wife, a mother, and the craziest bitch in a Target parking lot worrying about the future of my kids,” she added. “And this is why I invited you into this weird, empty kitchen. Because the Republican Party wants me to appeal to women voters, and women love kitchens.” (Related: CNN panelist says Republican SOTU response “disappeared” support from women as it “put” Katie Britt in the kitchen)

Johansson's portrayal of Britt was filled with satirical jabs. “Her husband Wesley and I just watched President Biden's speech and saw a performance by a permanent politician. But what about me? I'm not in it. No! No!!” she said. shouted.

“First of all, I'm a mother. And like any mother, I'm going to veer out of nowhere into a shocking and violent story about sex trafficking. And rest assured , every detail about it is true except for the year it happened, the location, and who was president when it happened,” Johansson added, referring to Britt's events that took place in Mexico in the mid-2000s. and made fun of how he made the joke.Criticize Biden's immigration policy as follows: report By Associated Press.

“And tonight, I'm not just responding to the State of the Union. I'm also selling this gorgeous jewel-encrusted crucifix necklace for QVC,” Johansson's character changes. I pretended to be a QVC host selling ornate cross necklaces.

“But to the American people who are suffering right now, please know this: We hear you. We see you. We smell you,” she said in her final remarks. So said. “We're in your kitchen right now, looking through your refrigerator. So, what's on the top shelf? Immigrants!”

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