School district files report with FBI over alleged ’threats’ after parents criticize transgender locker room policy

(Daily Caller) – According to a statement given to the Daily Caller News Foundation, the Catalina Foothills School District (CFSD) has informed families about its policy to allow transgender students to use their favorite restrooms and locker rooms. filed a report with the FBI after receiving a backlash from From a CFSD spokesperson.

The CFSD in Tucson, Arizona, has been at odds with parents for months after the incident. clearly The district has an “implicit policy” that allows students who identify as transgender to use any locker room or bathroom they choose, forcing students who are uncomfortable with the policy to request alternative facilities. It is said that it is no longer available. The school district was scheduled to hold a meeting on April 25, but canceled it due to concerns about alleged “blackmail” of the board. according to From your CFSD account to a Facebook post.

incident reportThis document, obtained by the DCNF, was submitted to the Pima County Sheriff’s Office on April 25 by a local attorney and CFSD parent concerned about comments on the board meeting on the Facebook group CFSD Concerned Citizens. was done. The comment read, “Everyone is ready and planning!” They canceled the awards for seniors!! Live strong! It’s getting hot, according to screenshots obtained by DCNF. “

The woman said she was “worried they might be carrying firearms,” ​​the incident report added, adding that the department was already planning to mobilize several “off-duty officers” to monitor the incident. explained that he was later told there was no need to do so. After the board meeting was canceled.

CFSD Director of Alumni and Community Relations Julie Farbarich told DCNF the school district contacted the FBI after “multiple” threats.

“The April 25th meeting was called off due to multiple threats and acts of intimidation,” Farbarik said. “Local groups are spreading a false story that an online post triggered the cancellation. also reported.”

As to whether Facebook’s comments were one of the threats reported to the FBI, Farbarik declined to explain, saying it “has not publicly disclosed any details regarding threats or intimidation.”FBI spokesperson DCNF “As a matter of policy, the FBI neither confirms nor denies the existence of an investigation,” he said.

The meeting was then rescheduled for April 28 via livestream, but according to Dan Grossenbach, parent of Catalina Foothills High School students and founder of CFSD Citizens of Concern, parents were advised not to attend the meeting. was rescheduled and the district filed an FBI report.

Farbarik told the DCNF that parents were notified of the new meeting times but did not explain how they were notified. He also added that the April 28 agenda was not legally mandated because “the board had to deal with school district operations that were disrupted by the cancellation of the April 25 meeting.” He said there were no comments.

another meeting schedule It starts at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, but will be live-streamed on YouTube only. Grossenbach told DCNF that his own group is hosting “pizza parties outside locked doors to show how stupid this is.”

Bart Pemberton, another parent of a student in the district, provided the DCNF with a copy of the remarks he planned to make during the meeting, if permitted.

“We are here tonight because we all love our children, especially those of us who have school-age children,” Pemberton wrote. “Whenever a key policy decision is made without extensive knowledge and consensus, and the decision is not discussed in a public forum by those who implemented the policy, it can lead to confusion, astonishment and distrust. Part of the way to mitigate the atmosphere that has been targeted is to remember that we are all here because we love our children. We can do our best to discuss the most pressing issues facing the school professionally and lovingly.”

Pemberton’s Board of Directors petition If a signed request signed by approximately 200 members of the school district and requiring 100 or more parents to “discuss and ultimately vote” is duly submitted, the Board will place the topic on the agenda. should be added. [the] item of interest. “

“What you ‘interpreted’ as a threat, as we know it, was not a threat,” Pemberton wrote. “We have seen police reports. You owe your voters to resume in-person meetings. It is!”

Farbarik told DCNF the school district has no intention of reconsidering its non-discrimination policy, despite parental objections.

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