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‘Screwbean Brewing Company’ to open soon on Park Avenue

When everyone starts to wonder if they’re prepared to shelter from the approaching summer and ever-rising Tucson temperatures, a brand new local brewery and coffee shop is what they need to get through the season. Ready to be a refreshing watering hole. A few daunting months ahead.

Screwbean Brewing Company will have a soft opening next week, with a gradually expanding drink selection over the summer, before a formal grand opening celebration in the fall.

Facade and patio of the Screwbean Brewing Company (Photo Credit: Taylor Noel Photography)

In the first week, Screwbean’s first batch of beer is busy in the fermentation tanks and not yet ready to serve. However, customers can order from full coffee bars with the following beans: provision coffee Enjoy a glass of wine in Phoenix, Arizona or at night. In week two, Screwbean introduces thirsty patrons to a variety of hard seltzer his cocktails. Homemade flavorless hard seltzer is mixed with a variety of fruit juices, simple syrups and herbs to serve as a frothy base for refreshing spritz. Over the next week, the brewery will begin gradually filling his 10 taps with ice cold beer made in his shiny new seven-barrel brewery.

From day one, brewery guests can beat the heat in the 1,000-square-foot modern industrial taproom space or enjoy a drink in one of the outdoor breweries. three Spacious brick patio. Each non-adjacent patio has a beautiful mature mesquite tree in the center, allowing guests to enjoy a drink in the shade of one of Arizona’s most famous native trees.

Facade and patio of the Screwbean Brewing Company (Photo Credit: Taylor Noel Photography)
Fun facts:

Screw Bean Brewing Company is named after the screw bean mesquite, which produces fancy corkscrew-shaped seed pods rather than the elongated pods of the lesser-known mesquite variety.

The Screwbean Brewing Company is home to a nearly 100-year-old building located a few blocks south of the University of Arizona campus on Park Avenue. The space was originally his 1930s China market, then occupied by a power supply wholesaler, then Tucson, the former office of his hoodies, and most recently Good Eye, his living room upholstery storefront.

Taproom at Screwbean Brewing Company (Photo Credit: Taylor Noel Photography)

The building has once again been revived as Tucson’s newest craft brewery and coffee shop. Thanks to the artistic talents of a local Tucson artist, a playful mural of a jackrabbit sharing a beer with a roadrunner now graces the façade of the venerable building. Ashley White (Modern Aquarian, Delsa Designs).

the way of life Matthew TaylorThe owners of the Screwbean Brewing Company also had to make some key evolutions to get to where they are today.

Matthew Taylor of Screwbean Brewing Company (photo credit: Taylor Noel Photography)

A native of Tucson, Taylor began her career journey with a degree in mathematics, but returned to academics to pursue a degree in law. He worked as an attorney with the Pima County Attorney’s Office before leaving the country to spend five years at a Buddhist monastery in Marin County, California. Back in Tucson, he taught high school math until the coronavirus pandemic hit, at which point he finished his semester and never looked back.

The socially isolating hobby of homebrewing quickly turned into a brewery business plan. Given all of Taylor’s formal education experience, this may seem like a drastic career change, but business is in Taylor’s blood.

Matthew Taylor of Screwbean Brewing Company (photo credit: Taylor Noel Photography)

his father Abbott Taylor, owner of the eponymous jewelry store on Grant Road. Screwbean, his brewing company, became a rolling stone after Taylor secured the funds to purchase a building at 103 Avenue Park.

What are craft beer enthusiasts looking forward to finding on the barrel?

“I love easy-to-drink beers. I love pilsners, and I love light lagers,” Taylor said. “My sister is a big fan of stouts, so you’ll probably see a stout or two on tap for her. The end result is a farmhouse ale with lemon zest and pepper. A little bit.” remember La Chouf (Belgian Blonde Ale). So that’s what I’m really excited about. And of course, everyone needs an IPA, so we always have one. ”

Taylor also likes the idea of ​​incorporating smoked grains and local desert honey into beer recipes, but instead of trying to push the boundaries with quirky beer additives, he prefers to showcase more classic styles. Main focus.

Matthew Taylor of Screwbean Brewing Company (photo credit: Taylor Noel Photography)

“I’m not against experimenting with things or finding new flavors, but ultimately I just want my beer to taste like beer,” he said. refreshing!

To supplement the liquid beverages at Screw Bean Brewing Company, Taylor works with several local food vendors to ensure bar snacks, pastries, and to-go meals are available for purchase. Honey & Company pastries, superfood treats 5th dimension foodand sushi from samurai sombrero Currently in development to satisfy the brewery hunger.

Eventually, the brewery hopes to start canning beer for distribution to restaurants and taprooms around town, but for now, to enjoy beer, hard seltzer cocktails and coffee, Screwbean Brewing Company must visit the taproom.

We will inform you about the official opening date within a few days, so please wait for a while.

Screwbean Brewing Company is located at 103 N. Park Ave. Temporary opening hours are Monday through Thursday 7am to 10pm, Friday 7am to midnight, Saturday 9am to midnight until midnight and Sundays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.See below for more information Screwbean Brewing Company Instagram.

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