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Sedona Film Festival Celebrates Henry Mancini’s 100th Birthday

“It was truly a magical night! Amazing in every sense of the word!”

A 1961 letter written by actress Audrey Hepburn to the late composer and conductor Henry “Hank” Mancini provides her perspective on his timeless and innovative musical arrangements. Ta.

A movie without music is like an airplane without fuel. Your music has lifted us up and made us soar. You have expressed for us all that we cannot express in words or show in action. You did this with so much imagination, fun, and beauty. ”

Internationally known for music such as Moon River, Pink Panther, Peter Gunn, Itali (Elephant Walk), Charades, and Days of Wine and Roses, Mancini's music and memories will be featured at Sedona International Henry Mancini's 100th birthday celebrations made his heart sing. Film festival.

The multimedia event featured Mancini's daughter Monica, a two-time Grammy-nominated singer who sang several songs, including her favorite “Days of Wine & Roses.” “There's something haunting and moving about this song. It's such a beautiful song and it's haunting to me,” Monica said. “When I first recorded it, I was young, but it was so beautifully crafted and the words were written by lyricist Johnny Mercer.” Monica Mancini also frequently collaborated with Barbra Streisand. He was accompanied by his co-star, Grammy Award-winning pianist Randy Waldman.

Monica Mancini's husband, producer Greg Field, described Henry's life and music with personal memories, slides and film clips. “He wasn't afraid to try new sounds with cool strings, piano, and sexy saxophone. I couldn't understand why he was so popular because he was so simple. He was such a humble person.”

Greg worked very hard on his presentation. We made it for this occasion and we're really glad it turned out well. Working with the Sedona International Film Festival was amazing,” Monica said.

As we celebrate Henry Mancini's 100th birthday, we are honored to take you on a walk down memory lane while listening to soundtracks from so many great films,” said Patrick Schweiss, Executive Director, Sedona International Film Festival. . “Monica Mancini and Greg Field gave us a behind-the-scenes glimpse and gave us great insight into the musical genius that is Henry Mancini. It was truly a magical evening! Amazing in every sense of the word!”

Every seat at the Sedona Performing Arts Center was filled, with performances by Cuban-American trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, American jazz musician and bandleader Herbie Hancock, and the 50's theme song Peter Gunn and the 60's. The first public re-recording of The Pink Panther wowed audiences. , record producer Quincy Jones and saxophonist Praz Johnson.

I thought it was really fun how they highlighted Henry Mancini's songs to accompany the movie. It was also very interesting to learn about his life and the story behind his success,” said actress Rose Schatz Glinski, who lives in Sedona. “Monica's voice was impeccable and in perfect pitch, and pianist Randy Waldman provided excellent accompaniment. We really had a great time.”

Mancini was born on April 16, 1924, in a Cleveland suburb. His talent has earned him 20 Grammy Awards, 4 Oscar Awards, 1 Golden Globe Award, and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. He died of pancreatic cancer in 1994. He was married to Ginny Mancini and sang in all of Mancini's films. They had three children, a son, Chris, and twin daughters, Monica and Felice.

The Mancini family is planning a grand 100th anniversary celebration at the Hollywood Bowl in June. “It was his home venue. He performed at the Hollywood Bowl every other year until his death. It was his home base to perform,” Monica said.

Through our films and stories, we want people to see the side behind Henry Mancini's music. “We want people to see that it's not music made out of thin air, but the people who wrote it,” she said.

Monica said that outside of music, her father loved skiing and cooking. “He loved to ski, so we often went to Vail, Colorado. He also loved to cook, so we had a memorable Sunday where I made him his favorite dish, pasta.”

Extended play (EP) versions of some of Mancini's songs will also be released this year.

Moon River, which embodies the immortality of Mancini's music, was recently recorded by singer-songwriter Beyoncé. Last year, guitarists Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck released a version of Moon River. A commemorative 37-cent US stamp was issued in Mancini's honor on April 13, 2004.

During her time in Sedona, Monica said the scenery was “amazing,” the food was “amazing,” and working with the Sedona International Film Festival was “fun.”

Pat, the executive director, had a lot of work to do, but he was very attentive to our needs,” she said. “He's very talented and very passionate about his job, but also very fun and fun to work with. He's the perfect person for his job.” FBN

V. Ronnie Tierney, FBN

This year marks the 30th annual Sedona International Film Festival. For more information, please visit: Or call us at 928-282-1177.

Photo by V. Ronnie Tierney Fresh Focuses Photo: A commemorative stamp honoring Henry Mancini was issued on April 13, 2004.

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