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Severe Thunderstorm Watch Issued for Parts of Southeast Arizona for August 6, 2023; Tucson Impact on Monday | Arizona Weather Force

photo courtesyArizona Weather Service

Issued Zone: Santa Cruz County … Sahaurita … Southwest Cochise County …

site: The Arizona Bureau of Meteorology issued a warning for severe thunderstorms this afternoon and into the evening…

date: 8/6/23 7:20 AM PT

forecast: Today, monsoon dampness is returning to Arizona, but its impact is narrow. The storm developed across southwestern Cochise County into eastern Santa Cruz County later this afternoon and will eventually move northwest over time and spill through Pima County around Sahaurita. The storm won’t reach most of the Tucson metropolitan area directly, but it will likely have a sweeping gust of wind. Tucson, it’s going to be a storm tomorrow (Monday)…

Today’s storm could include gusty winds and heavy hail, especially in the southern edge of the monitoring area.

Tomorrow (Monday) there will be more activities for everyone…

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– Raiden Storm –

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Knowing both short and long distances is very important in these jobs, so you can bet on accuracy here. With over 25 years of his experience, he is well versed in areas such as the western United States, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, high winds, fire movement, snow and blizzards, short range, long range, seasonality and life threatening decisions. and forecasts any weather service. Now available with lead times and precision, he is the subject of ridicule and envy.

Note: Warnings such as tornado watchers are posted here. These alerts are issued from this office and not elsewhere. Occasionally, alert forecasts are posted here that aren’t seen elsewhere (which is common).

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