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Sex Offender Notifications Issued by Flagstaff Police

Flagstaff Police Issue Sex Offender Notice: Warning of Misuse of Information

Flagstaff police issued sex offender notices to two individuals, Nathan Ray Johnson and Alexander Nez, in accordance with Arizona law. While this information is important for public safety, the department emphasizes that this data cannot be misused for purposes of intimidation or harassment.

Reporting sex offenders: state mandate

Arizona law requires reporting sex offenders for the safety of the community. These notices provide information (such as name and address) about individuals convicted of sex crimes. The Flagstaff Police Department released these notices regarding two individuals: 47-year-old Nathan Ray Johnson and 48-year-old Alexander Nez. The department stresses that these individuals are not currently wanted and the notification is purely for public safety purposes.

Learn more about convictions

Nathan Ray Johnson, of 1120 W. Kaiba Lane, Flagstaff, has a criminal history that includes convictions. aggravated sexual abuse In 2005, he attempted to commit aggravated sexual abuse of a child, and in 2016 he failed to register as a sex offender. Meanwhile, Alexander Nez, of 2520 E. Lucky Lane, Flagstaff, was found guilty of exposing his genitals. sexual abuse in 2008 and 2016; abusive sexual contact In 2017.

Impact of information misuse

Flagstaff Police stressed that the information provided in these notifications should not be used to intimidate, intimidate, or harass notified sex offenders.Any Misuse of information Flagstaff police will not tolerate it. The Department's priority is to ensure the safety of the community while respecting the rights and privacy of individuals.

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