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Shake Up In CNN Leadership Reveals The Left Has Completely Lost Its Sense Of Reality

Parent company Warner Bros. Discovery announced Wednesday that Chris Licht will step down as CNN CEO with immediate effect.

of announcement We have come to the end of Licht’s first year in office, the “year of crisis.” according to NPR was eventually “banished” by Warner Bros. Discovery head David Zaslav. This “crisis” stemmed from Licht’s greatest sin, which was his attempt to defeat the mob mentality created by the media during the Trump administration. (Related: Watch live as CNN announces Licht’s departure)

On the first day, Licht memo “There are too many people,” he lamented, explaining his mission on the network to make CNN “an important, relevant and respected part of our culture.” [had] I have lost faith in the media. “

To restore trust, it is necessary to “fearlessly speak the truth to those in power, challenge the status quo, question ‘groupthink’, and provide candid facts and insightful commentary, while always respecting different points of view.” It was necessary to “educate the viewers and readers in

In other words, Licht has vowed to make CNN a news agency again. Now, this was one of the intolerances of the fanatical, conservative-hating employees.

During Licht’s tenure, reports frequently surfaced bemoaning CNN’s allegations. Surrender right and low morale among staff. Dismissed hosts like Brian Stelter and John Harwood have openly complained about Licht’s “”.Strategy shift‘ said celebrity anchor Christiane Amanpour in his ‘ambidextrousas obscuring the “truth”.

Most recently, CNN’s town hall with Donald Trump sparked a flurry of internal criticism, with staff also inform Politico said it was “a total disaster” and “made it look like CNN endorsed it.”

Here are his complaints:traumatizedThe employee finally saw an opportunity to kick him out amid the profile’s ill effects article A daunting lengthy article about corporate intrigue based on interviews with Licht over the past year, published in The Atlantic, entitled Inside the CNN Meltdown. It documented Licht’s attempts to “reset” the network, revealing behind the scenes decisions of Trump City Hall and other leaders. (Related: ‘What is he wearing?’: Chris Licht openly slams Don Lemon in front of production staff)

The work creates an interesting parallel between the Left and how Licht viewed the aims of journalism and reality itself.

Licht criticized CNN’s reporting during the Trump administration, arguing that it was inappropriate for journalists to “wear the Democratic jersey,” resulting in “outrage porn” that left viewers “numb.”

“It can’t be all 11 because it just happens to come from someone you instinctively hate,” he said.

Mr. Licht’s tendency to shake the Republican Party even a little fair has amounted to an “apology tour” for Trump Sim’s misdeeds.

Richt argued. [argument] Everyone agrees Just because this thing might not be right doesn’t make me a fascist right wing trying to steal Fox’s audience. “

This exchange suggests that the common man has become obsessed with the story he was instructed to spread and is now ahead of his time. Let’s take a look at another worldview of The Atlantic author. forced us [to take sides], tried to play a more active role than many journalists felt comfortable with by trying to undermine the country’s autonomous institutions. This was not a matter of defending capital.D. democratic policy. It was to champion small-scale activities.d democratic principles. “

Thus, “visceral hatred” determines the reality of the Left. There is no question about it. To do so amounts to “fascism”.

There is a concerted effort to build a narrative in favor of left-wing policies for high-level officials and savvy organizers. Everyone else, the mid-level staff and the journalists who write the daily headlines, have really lost their sense of reality. They now carry out their professional duties with the missionary zeal that the mission calls for, adhering to the self-aggrandizing spirit that they are the saviors of the Republic.

Licht’s dismissal clears the frustration of disgruntled CNN staff, who send a message to those who don’t follow party lines, but understand that their actions will get their way. deaf.of provisional The CNN leadership would be wise to act prudently or risk sparking another uprising. (Related: CNN exec left network just hours after CEO Chris Licht fired)

Licht’s dismissal shows that corporate media is once again dwindling in the run-up to the election season.Think Hunter Biden Laptop Was blackout bad? The same thing is likely to happen on a large scale this time as well.

But information suppression no longer has to be done as a top-down decree. Ordinary journalists, like Licht, will work organically to destroy anything that contradicts their perception of the world around them. Anything that even remotely questions their perception of reality will be shut down immediately.

After all, the media only wants to report for the outrageous mob, because it is now fully part of the mob.

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