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Short Term Rentals And ATV Regulations KO,d

Written by Tommy Acosta —

SEDONA, Ariz. — The recent defeat of 11 legislators' efforts to regulate short-term rentals proves you can't undermine the concept that “a man's house is his castle.” doing.

Simply put, it is unconstitutional for state, federal, or local governments to tell homeowners what they can and cannot do with their homes.

Huge amounts of time and money have been spent trying to figure out how the government can control or curtail STR operations, but all to no avail.

Governments can do everything they can to try to regulate STRs. It is a mistake to tell a homeowner that they cannot rent out their home for any legal purpose. That's un-American. It's unpleasant.

Even if it seems morally right to protect communities that are adversely affected by STRs, governments have no right to regulate them. A man's home is his castle. Get over it.

Supporters of STR regulations are now walking away with their tails between their legs, finally recognizing the harsh reality that the Arizona Legislature is unwilling to tinker with that basic understanding.

While this effort may seem noble, it failed on Jump Street.

Efforts to ban or regulate ATVs on Sedona's streets are currently on the brink of complete failure.

That effort is bound to fail, and Congress will kill it along with the STR regulations.

Even a bill aimed at forcing businesses to teach renters to respect others on the street and respect the environment will likely find no support.

People, especially Republicans who hate government overreach, don't like Big Brother telling them what to do.

Again, efforts to regulate or ban ATVs in Sedona have consumed significant resources and time.

A wasted effort. Waste of money.

The city should strongly encourage businesses and private owners to respect the environment by not driving irresponsibly on roads and in remote areas.

It's great that the city wants to make ATVs safer and protect the public and drivers by making smarter equipment.

However, it would be unreasonable to impose significant additional costs to meet the city's proposed safety regulations. And once it is attempted. The city will be destroyed in court.

Live and learn.

While we talk about fundamental rights and keeping government out of our lives, there is a warning for Republicans.

If you don't want the government to have anything to do with STR, ATV, and your life, then don't do the hypocritical thing that takes away or diminishes women's rights when it comes to abortion.

If you try to ban abortion across the country, your most popular legislators will be voted out of office by a tsunami of women fighting to protect their rights to their bodies.

I'm just saying.'

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