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‘Should Be Terrifying For All’: Gabbard Rips ‘Unqualified’ Harris, Warns ‘Deep State’ Would Remain If She’s On Ticket

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on Fox News on Monday slammed Vice President Kamala Harris as a possible successor to President Joe Biden, warning that the “deep state” would remain.

Gabbard appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss concerns about Biden's mental health, with Fox host Laura Ingraham asking her if Harris thought she was “smart and competent.” RELATED: The Biden family desperately clings to power, but one doting grandson remains marginalized

“I have no doubt she believes this, and I can't even analyze why this is the case,” Gabbard said. “She is unqualified to serve as vice president and completely unqualified and uncapable for the realistic prospect of her becoming president of the United States if Biden wins. This is a fact. As the Democrats figure this out, and regardless of who comes out on top of the nomination list, whether it's Biden/Harris or Harris/someone else, whoever becomes president, Kamala Harris, will be our commander in chief.”

“As a soldier who has served in multiple theaters, and I can speak on behalf of so many of my fellow countrymen who have served in uniform, I say that that prospect should be terrifying to all Americans. She is neither capable nor qualified to be our nation's commander in chief. That leads me to believe.”

“Just as Joe Biden is not directing foreign policy, he has Tony Blinken, Hillary Clinton, Jake Sullivan, Lloyd Austin and the unelected deep state administrative state people who are actually making the decisions on foreign policy and bringing us to the brink of multiple wars with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and bringing us closer to the brink of nuclear war than we've ever seen before,” Gabbard continued. “If we had Kamala Harris as president, Kamala Harris as commander in chief, that very same deep state would be making the decisions that have done so much damage to our national security and our freedom as a nation.”

Biden's poor performance during the debate, in which he sometimes struggled to finish his sentences or froze mid-sentence, sparked widespread concern among Democrats about his mental health. Republican lawmakers have previously raised repeated warnings about Biden's mental health, but a post-debate CBS/YouGov poll found that 72% of Americans no longer believe the president is in good enough mental or cognitive health to carry out his duties.

However, Biden remains adamant that he will remain in the presidential race in 2024, and reports have circulated that his family, including First Lady Jill Biden and his son Hunter Biden, are encouraging him to continue running. Despite Biden's decision to run, the names of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, California Governor Gavin Newsom and Harris are rumored to be on the list of potential successors.

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