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‘Showing His Age’: Western Officials, News Outlets Rip Biden’s ‘Catastrophic’ Debate Performance

President Joe Biden's performance during Thursday's presidential debate has concerned and alarmed some foreign officials and diplomats, according to Politico.

Biden faced off against former President Donald Trump on Thursday but appeared visibly fatigued and struggled in some segments, leading even his most ardent supporters to call for a new candidate in the 2024 election. While some U.S. allies and officials disputed some of Trump's assertions during the debate, it was Biden's very attitude that raised concerns he may no longer be up to the task of being commander in chief, several officials said. Said Politico on Friday. (Related: 'Biden has a cold': Media scrambles to explain debate)

“Not to state the obvious, but internationally this does not look good for the United States,” a European official told Politico.

“Trump's outrageous lies,” one Western diplomat told Politico, “but at least we can understand what he's saying. We may be witnessing a turning point for Biden.”

Foreign policy issues do not typically feature prominently in debates or top of voter concerns, but major international developments Highlighting Earlier in the debate, Biden criticized Trump for his failure to withdraw from Afghanistan and his handling of the ongoing Israel-Hamas and Russia-Ukraine wars, but Biden argued that Trump would pull the U.S. out of the NATO alliance and allow Russia to attack other parts of Europe.

International officials told Politico they had hoped Biden would come out stronger in the debate but were disappointed.

“The foreign policy debate is shallow. Biden can't make his case and Trump overplays his case,” a second European diplomat told Politico.

“It's no secret that Biden is old, and his age is starting to show,” another European official told Politico.

Officials told Politico that while they felt Trump got his facts wrong, he spoke out much more forcefully and energetically than Biden. “Frankly, he looks more and more like someone we can do business with,” an African diplomat told Politico.

Some European media outlet Similarly, Italian media outlet Corriere della Sera highlighted Biden's “almost disastrous” performance during the debate. Explained Describing Biden as “disorganized” with a “hoarse voice,” Finland's Ile called Biden's performance a “disaster.” Poland's Onet said: Claimed Trump said: [Biden] On his back.”

“His performance was a complete failure, perhaps the worst of any presidential candidate in modern history.” Story British publication The Economist reported that Trump “rambled” but appeared more “coherent” than Biden: “The president… stammered incomprehensibly and struggled to get his attack lines across, proving his doubters entirely right.”

Biden and Trump are scheduled to debate again in September, but either candidate could cancel the debate before then. The Democratic National Convention is set to nominate Biden in July, but several leading Democratic commentators have urged the president to hand the baton to another candidate after Thursday's debate.

“It is important to manage our path into the sunset,” Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said. statement on friday.

The Biden-Harris campaign and the White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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