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Sinema & Colorado River Indian Tribes Tribal Council Celebrate Successes, Discuss Future Opportunities for Tribal Communities

In recent years, cinema has provided historical resources to Colorado River Indian tribes and tribal communities through multiple bipartisan successes.

hoodie – Arizona Senior Senator Kirsten Cinema held a roundtable with the Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT) Tribal Council to discuss her recent work contributing to the tribal community. In the bipartisan annual defense bill that passed the Senate last week, Cinema successfully fought for relicensing of Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act (Nahasuda) It’s been 10 years. Cinema is also Colorado River Indian Tribes Water Resistance Act of 2022 Her groundbreaking bipartisan infrastructure law secured several historic investments for the tribe.

“We appreciate the Tribal Council’s welcome and partnership as we work together to deliver on priorities such as strong water security, improved transportation and improved internet access,” Cinema said. .

During the roundtable, Cinema will discuss everything from increasing affordable housing options and improving pedestrian safety to rebuilding crumbling infrastructure to bridge the digital divide and expanding internet access, social He highlighted how he has worked in a bipartisan, bicameral fashion to ensure many of CRIT’s top priorities, right up to strengthening safeguards. Such as the future of tribal water.

Specifically, CRIT received $1,571,681 for the Agency Avenue and 1st Avenue East Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project to build a new connected sidewalk within the Colorado River Indian Reservation. Last year, CRIT worked to rebuild Mojave Road, including asphalt paving and shoulders, right-turn lane improvements at intersections, street lighting, signs, stripes, and construction, spanning approximately 16.5 miles from State Route 95 south to Agnes Wilson Road. , received $24.989 million in RAISE grants. Improve safety and efficiency.

In June, Cinema announced a $25 million investment under a bipartisan infrastructure law to bring fast and affordable internet to La Paz county. This benefited approximately 2,000 people, 41 businesses, 3 farms, and 4 educational facilities in the county, resulting in huge profits. Investment in Arizona’s second least populated county (approximately 16,500 residents).

Late last year, Cinema backed several bills that enact water-critical priorities for tribal communities in Arizona.Invoice – this includes Colorado River Indian Tribes Water Resistance Act of 2022 – Initially excluded from the year-end government spending package, Cinema secured unanimous passage through direct bipartisan negotiations with his Senate colleagues.

Since she secured more than $12 billion in drought relief and Western water funding through bipartisan infrastructure legislation and legislation, restraining inflation Under the legislation she formulated, the senator met with a wide variety of water professionals, stakeholders and leaders across the state to discuss implementation of the historic fund. After securing $4 billion for water security last year, restraining inflation Cinema has launched a Water Advisory Council to develop short- and long-term strategies to strengthen the future of water in the West. In April, CRIT chairman Amelia Flores attended a meeting of the cinema’s water advisory committee and reported to the senators how CRIT plans to use the money secured by cinema.

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