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Six Ejected From SEC Championship Game After South Carolina’s Kamilla Cardoso Smashes LSU’s Flau’jae Johnson

Or is it just me who thinks women's basketball is getting more and more interesting?

The South Carolina and LSU women's basketball teams met in the SEC Championship Game on Sunday, with the Gamecocks winning the title in a close contest. 79-72 But the real fun came late in the fourth quarter.

Gamecocks forward after things got a little dicey between South Carolina and LSU players Camila Cardoso He ran up to the LSU guard. Fraujei Johnson And I completely crushed her with a big girl push. (Related: South Carolina hits a bizarre buzzer-beater that truly strikes a dagger to the heart to preserve undefeated season)

south carolina national guard Miravsia fullwilli Taking the ball away from Johnson, Johnson counterattacked around Full Willie and was hit with an intentional foul.Johnson bumped into a USC forward on his way to the bench. Ashlyn Watkinsand then Cardoso burst onto the scene and pushed her onto the court.

A total of four South Carolina players were ejected from the game, leaving the Gamecocks with only six players to choose from. In LSU's case, two players were ejected, leaving only five players remaining.

Oh, and on top of that, there was a time in the middle of this circus when fans ran out onto the court with police officers following them.


And there was something like this.

I have to say…I am studying this new version of women's basketball avidly.

Here in modern times, players are breaking legendary records, fights are breaking out, and TV ratings are sky-high. We have to tell that to women. They are changing the game and getting interesting.

Congratulations, girls. Meaning of praise.

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