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Sneaky Alligator Caught On Camera Hiding Under Shopping Carts

Fox News reported on June 26 that an alligator was caught on camera hiding under a shopping cart at a supermarket in South Carolina.

A Publix supermarket in South Carolina caused a stir among surprised visitors after an alligator was discovered hiding under a pile of shopping carts outside the store. according to The unusual scene quickly caught the attention of both customers and staff, and the area was cordoned off with shopping carts and yellow caution tape, according to Fox News.

The alligator appeared relatively calm, resting under the cart with its tail clearly sticking out, but a closer inspection by South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) officials revealed that it was injured, Fox News reported.

“An employee responded to the scene and determined the alligator had a bullet in its head, apparently having been shot with a pellet gun,” an SCDNR official said in an email to Fox News.

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SCDNR officials told Fox News Digital that wildlife rescuers were called to the scene and successfully removed the alligator. After being treated for its wounds, the alligator was released back into state waters and safely isolated from public areas. (Related article: Zoo visitor nearly killed by crocodile, staff forced to wrestle with crocodile to rescue)

In response to the incident, SCDNR issued a series of safety precautions for the public regarding alligator encounters. Officials urge people to remain vigilant and not approach alligators. It's also important to always be aware of your surroundings and stay out of water. According to Fox News, feeding alligators is illegal because it can cause them to associate humans with food, which could lead to dangerous situations.

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