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‘Somebody Getting Super Blessed’: Drake Is Giving Away His $2.3 Million Winnings From Super Bowl Bet

Damn, I wish I could have been on this show…

For those of you who don't know the situation, Drake has “cursed” a team multiple times by placing huge bets on it, only for that team to get an L, and Drake to lose money. is.

In Super Bowl XV, Drizzy spent a whopping $1.115 million on the Kansas City Chiefs to defeat the San Francisco 49ers and become the season's champion. As a result, Niners fans, unsurprisingly, were already celebrating the victory before the game even started. After all, Drake doesn't have a great track record and I love him, but let's be real.

But to everyone's surprise, Drizzy actually won cash on the bet when Patrick Mahomes' Legacy Drive clinched the Chiefs' victory, earning the legend a smooth $2.3 million — and that's great. right. (Related: 'Keep your mouth moving': Pat McAfee slams Bill Simmons for losing Super Bowl)

And it's going to be for someone who isn't “Champagne Papi,” because my guy is going to donate all his winnings.

Before the Super Bowl, Drake announced his instagram stories To post screenshots of your bets on big games.

“If I get so blessed by someone at my show,” the Grammy winner wrote, hinting at plans to give away the cash at Monday night's St. Louis show.

Drizzy Drake…being out here again taking care of the city…you're going to love it.

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