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‘Something Will Happen’: Paul McCartney Explains How ‘Freezing’ Car Crash Inspired Iconic ‘Beatles’ Song ‘Love Me Do’

Famous musician Paul McCartney explained on Wednesday how a winter car accident he had with his bandmates led to the Beatles' success.

In the first episode of his second season, McCartney reflected on the events that inspired the band's debut single, “Love Me Do.” podcast “McCartney: A Life in Lyrics.” Throughout the band's career, McCartney said, the Beatles have embraced the mantra, “Something's gonna happen,” which was born out of a minor car accident that left four people trapped in a snowbank.

“We always remembered this accident that happened on the motorway from London to Liverpool, where we slipped in the snow and the van fell down an embankment, and there was this in the bottom of the van. There it was.'' How on earth could I get home? It's snowing. It’s freezing,” McCartney said. “And someone in the group said, 'Well, something's going to happen.'” And it felt like that became a mantra. ”

McCartney associated the phrase with the instant popularity of the Beatles' breakout song “Love Me Do,” which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 when it was released in the United States in 1964. Ta. McCartney, 81, explained that the Beatles didn't try. He praised their success and reiterated that “something will happen.” (Related: 'Workplace interference': Paul McCartney reveals how the Beatles 'dealt with' Yoko Ono)

“There were all kinds of things that you instinctively knew, like I'm saying, don't try too hard. Don't try too hard to get to it. 'Cause if you reach out, you'll reach out. The more it goes away,” McCartney said. “You're kidding I don't want that. Something's going to happen.”

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