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‘Something’s Going On Up There’: Jamie Foxx Details Health Scare That Started With ‘Bad Headache’

Jamie Foxx shared how a simple headache escalated into a health crisis, Fox News reported.

Fox spoke about the medical condition that led to him being hospitalized for an extended period in 2023. Speaking with fans in Phoenix, Arizona, Fox recounted the start of his illness, which began with a sudden, severe headache and led to a rapid deterioration in his health, resulting in a 20-day hospital stay. according to To Fox News.

“On April 11th of last year, I had a terrible headache and asked my son for some Advil. I was out for 20 days,” Fox said. video She shared on Twitter: “I don't remember anything. So they told me, I'm in Atlanta. They took me, my sister and my daughter to the first doctor and they said, 'No,' and gave us a cortisone shot.”

No details were released about the specific medical condition Fox was suffering from.

“The next doctor said, 'There's something going on there.' I wouldn't say that on camera. I wouldn't say that on camera. Well, I don't want to say that on camera,” Fox said. (RELATED: Jamie Foxx returns to work after mystery health crisis)

His daughter, Collin Fox, had previously publicly announced her father's illness on social media.

“Thankfully, thanks to the quick response and great care, he is already on the road to recovery,” she wrote in a now-deleted post, Fox News reported. “We know how loved he is and we appreciate everyone's prayers. The family asks for privacy for the time being.”

Fox's road to recovery is progressing slowly, with the support of his family and friends, and he reflected on his experience in an emotional Instagram post in July 2023.

“I've experienced things I thought I would never experience,” he said on Instagram. post“I know a lot of people were waiting and wanting to know what was going on, and to be honest with you, I just didn't want to show up like that.”

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