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Southern Roots Nut Company announces $16.6 million expansion in Dothan processing facility

Alabama is already nationally known agriculturally for its pecan production.

New Mexico-based Southern Roots Nut Co.'s recent announcement that it will open a pecan processing facility in Dothan will further increase its profile. The new facility is expected to create 120 jobs with annual payroll of more than $4.1 million, according to the Alabama Department of Commerce.

Governor Kay Ivey said of the news, “Alabama's skilled workers in food production prove that our state's agriculture industry has a national reputation for good reason. “I am doing so,” he said. “Southern Roots Nut Co. is a welcome addition to the Sweet Home, Alabama business community, and we are confident that our planned Dothan facility will be a success thanks to our dedicated and skilled workforce.”

The company plans to invest approximately $16.6 million to equip an existing building and construct a new facility in Houston County as a hub for processing, storing and distributing raw pecans.

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Brandon Harrell, chief operating officer and director of sales for Southern Roots, praised the city for choosing it over competing locations in Georgia.

“My family has called Dothan home since the beginning of 2018, and I can think of no better place than Dothan to continue our family tradition of peeling and processing pecans,” Harrell said. said. “We're really excited to partner with business-friendly state, county and city officials who really want the best opportunities in their communities.”

Alabama Department of Commerce Secretary Ellen McNair noted the importance of pecans to the Yellowhammer State.

“Pecans are a trademark product of Alabama's agriculture industry, with an estimated 9,000 acres of orchards in the state,” McNair said. “Southern Roots' planned processing facility is good news for those involved in Alabama's official nut operations.”

The state of Alabama is partnering with Dothan to support the project through a package that includes tax credits and AIDT workforce development services. Dothan and the Industrial Development Commission are providing support to the company through the AMEA Capital Funds Program, local statutory tax credits, and discretionary support.

Southern Roots is a pecan grower and processor dedicated to providing pecan nuts and pecan products to customers around the world. The company focuses on sustainable farming practices and advanced technology to ensure operational efficiency and quality.

Austin Shipley is a staff writer at Yellowhammer News.

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