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Stadthagen: Setting the record straight on IVF after misleading attacks from out-of-state dark money group

Over the weekend, several members of Alabama's House Republican caucus were targeted by an ad claiming that a vote to restore IVF treatment to Alabama families would protect those who intentionally caused the death of unborn children. .

These ads mischaracterize the law and the organization running these ads, American Action Fund, intentionally sends mean messages to Christian conservative members of the Alabama House of Representatives. I am fully aware that I am sending .

Unfortunately, this is not the first time this shadowy Texas-based organization has targeted Alabama Republicans with unwarranted innuendos and half-truths.

We don't know who is funding this shadowy group because they are not registered with the Alabama Secretary of State's Office and do not disclose the source of funding for these ads on Alabama campaign finance reports. yeah.

DJ Parten, the man who sometimes claims to represent the group in the halls of state capitols, has drifted from state to state in the Southeast leaving a trail of often vitriolic and bizarre remarks.

As the majority leader of the Alabama House of Representatives, this shadowy out-of-state group has taken it upon themselves to falsely portray the actions of conservative Republicans in the Alabama House of Representatives. I believe it is my role as the Alabama House Majority Leader to ensure that. The nation knows the truth.

The truth is that thousands of Alabama couples facing infertility issues rely on medical treatments, including in vitro fertilization, to have the children they so desperately desire. These couples often experience years of heartache, disappointment, loss, and despair on their journey to have the child they desire more than anything in this world.

Last month, an Alabama Supreme Court opinion ruled that most fertility clinics in the state should suspend providing IVF services to these couples. When IVF was suspended, hundreds of Alabama families found themselves without the fertility treatment they needed to grow their families. Treatments necessary to create life.

To remedy this situation, a majority of Republicans in the Alabama House of Representatives voted to support a bill proposed by Republican Representative Terry Collins. This bill would allow fertility clinics to begin offering IVF services to couples who need them to conceive a precious child. life. Helping loved ones have children is the definition of pro-life.

It was an effort supported by pro-life Republicans across the country, as well as by President Donald J. Trump.

American Action Fund and DJ Parten do not have to answer to the people of this state. They don't have to look into the eyes of mothers and fathers who rely on IVF infertility treatments and cry with them as they watch their chance to become parents slip away.

Instead, they hid in the shadows while Republicans in the Alabama House of Representatives voted in favor of a pro-life bill sponsored by Rep. Terry Collins (R-Decatur) that would bring birth to children. They keep shouting insults from cheap seats. And it's the foundation of happy, healthy families in Alabama.

On this point, the American Action Fund is wrong. They are using ads targeting well-meaning pro-life Christian conservative Alabamians to raise money for the dark fund, a shadowy out-of-state group. They are targeting real pro-life legislators, sending deceptive messages, and harming real Alabama families in the process. Nothing could be more pro-life than this.

Scott Stadhagen is the majority leader of the 75-member Alabama House Republican Caucus and represents the 9th House District, which includes part of Morgan County.

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