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Stadthagen supportive of state fertility clinics resuming treatment post-IVF ruling

House Majority Leader Scott Stadhagen has ordered Fertility Clinics and Hospitals in Alabama to resume IVF treatment after the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos can legally be classified as children. He joins a growing group of conservative politicians calling for

As a result of this shocking decision, companies in the state that provide in vitro fertilization services have suspended treatment, fearing legal repercussions.

Stadthagen (R-Hartselle) said a bill is being introduced that would protect IVF providers from prosecution.

“Legislation that would provide civil and criminal immunity for Alabama's fertility clinics is moving quickly and is expected to pass quickly in both the House and Senate,” he said in a statement Wednesday. . “This immunization measure will give IVF clinics the reassurance they need to reopen their doors and resume services to couples looking to have children.”

Stadhagen cited the Bible for the importance of promoting pro-life policies in Alabama and vowed that the Legislature “will right this wrong.”

“Psalm 127:3 says, ‘Children are an inheritance from the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his reward,’” he said. “The Alabama House and Senate are taking action to reverse the effects of the Alabama Supreme Court’s decision, and we are confident that action will be swift and successful.”

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said last week that his office does not intend to use the ruling as grounds to prosecute IVF families or providers.

Bills to amend the High Court's decision are currently being debated in both houses of Congress. Similar bills have been introduced in at least 15 states, and four states, including Alabama, already have fetal personality laws.

Austin Shipley is a staff writer at Yellowhammer News.

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