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Star Wideout Michael Pittman’s Long Contract Saga Ends With Surprisingly Cheap Deal

The Indianapolis Colts and star wideout Michael Pittman Jr. reached agreement on a three-year, $71.5 million contract on Monday, according to Bleacher Report's Jordan Schultz.

The deal guarantees Pittman $46 million, Schultz reported.

The new contract is worth about $24 million annually and replaces Indy on the franchise tag. placed at Pitman last Tuesday.

For Pittman, this is a surprisingly team-friendly contract. Be expected Obtaining the top five deals by average annual value. His annual salary of $23.8 million is out of the world. top 5 That's even lower than the $26 million annual salary the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed wideout Mike Evans to last Monday.

I love this from Indy. They have been one of the most inconsistent franchises in the league since former franchise quarterback Andrew Luck retired in 2019. (Related: Mega Deal Sets Record for Highest Paid Guard in NFL History…Finally Hog Mollys Gets the Respect He Deserves)

Pittman was one of the few examples of offensive stability despite having a different starting quarterback in each of his four seasons in the league.

In 2023, he goes out and recorded He set career highs in yards and receptions, completing 109 passes for 1,152 yards.

Despite this, the Colts are coming off an amazing year with a record of 9 wins and 8 losses. Lose Starting quarterback Anthony Richardson on the season in Week 5. This will allow them to keep their best weapon on the field for their young signal caller.

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