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State Legislators Gather For A Trial Run Of What Could Be The ‘Biggest Political Event’ In American History

  • On Thursday, state legislators from across the country gathered in Williamsburg, Virginia, for a mock Article 5 convention to discuss new amendments to the Constitution.
  • Article 5 of the Constitution stipulates that, upon application of two-thirds of the states, the legislature “convenes a convention to propose amendments.”
  • State Capitol President Mark Meckler told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the real conference would be the “greatest political event” in U.S. history.

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — In the aftermath of America’s founding, legislators from nearly every state gather on Thursday as organizers claim what could be the “greatest political event” in American history Article 5 Tried the competition.

Article 5 of the Constitution details how the states may propose new amendments and check the federal government, and if two-thirds of the states to convene a convention of The Williamsburg tournament is just a simulation, but of the 34 states required to host the actual tournament, only 19 have so far approved applications — but participants said this was ” It’s a stepping stone to something really big.”

“This was kind of the precursor to the 1786 convention that was held in Annapolis, the year before the 1787 convention,” said Mike Rusen, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Congress of Nations (COS). Berg told the Daily Caller News Foundation. . “We certainly think of that when we think of this mock competition here.”

After the president was elected, the committee divided into three committees: the Federal Legislative and Administrative Jurisdiction Committee, the Fiscal Containment Committee, and the Term Limits and Federal Judicial Jurisdiction Committee.

of model National Assembly resolution passed by 19th state It calls for a convention to propose amendments that “impose fiscal limits on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office of government employees and legislators.”

COS President Mark Meckler told the DCNF he hoped lawmakers in attendance would be “satisfied with the process” and “support the use of the clause.” If the idea gains enough momentum to call for actual party conventions in 34 state legislatures, Meckler said it would be “the biggest political event in the history of the United States.”

“I think it’s going to be bigger than the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Indy 500, maybe all of them combined,” he said. “I believe this will be the largest constitutional education project in the history of the United States at a time when constitutional education is so desperately needed.” (Related: Christian groups target legal doctrine as key to defending religious freedom)

2023 National Assembly

The movement is gaining momentum and more states are trying to pass COS resolutions. “The closest at the moment is North Carolina,” Meckler said. “We have already passed the House and are pending in the Senate.”

Looking ahead to next year, Mr. Meckler said COS is “very strong” in mountain states like Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

COS was launched about 10 years ago, he said, when Ruthenberg and Meckler met with Michael Faris in Scottsdale, Arizona, and heard about the idea to “save the country.”

“Article 5 is easy to read and understand, so I basically said why not do this.” Founder of the Homeschool Legal Advocacy Association and Alliance to Defend Freedom (ADF) former CEO Faris told DCNF.

This article is a realization of “the structural change that the founders strongly believed to be the primary protection against erosion.” [of] It’s our freedom,” Faris said.

He told the DCNF, “What needs to happen to teach Article 5 is a long game, that government has no unlimited power, that government has a boss, and that boss is the state and the people. or?” he said.

Critics sometimes worry about the “runaway convention” in which commissioners make suggestions that go beyond the set subject. But Meckler points out that anything out of the treaty still needs to be ratified by 38 states.

“When people say they’re worried about a runaway party convention, I often say, I’ll give you my personal email address, so you can write to me and tell me you’re worried about the corrections.” Give me your proposal and name the 38 states that you think will ratify that amendment,” Meckler said. “I never received that email.”

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