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State Rep. Terri Collins: Alabama families are being built through IVF treatments

After the Alabama Supreme Court's decision to classify fetuses as live children, fertility clinics in the state suspended IVF treatment, fearing that continuing IVF treatment could lead to legal consequences. .

To address this issue, several Alabama Republicans, including Representative Terry Collins, have introduced legislation that would protect IVF providers and patients receiving treatment.

Collins (R-Decatur) stopped by Todd Stacy on Capitol Hill late last week to discuss the ruling, its fallout, and his own bill.

“Currently, some of our clinics are closed and some of our other clinics are threatened because they feel they have a greater responsibility than they felt before last week's Supreme Court ruling. Collins said.

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“This bill provides immunity for the embryo, for them as the donor, and for the recipient. So for the patient, we realized yesterday that we didn't have immunity, and now we have both effects. I got it.”

Collins said the bill's passage is an urgent matter for both women receiving treatment and their families.

“We're moving fast. But we're moving fast for the same reason that I met with so many supporters here at the state Capitol yesterday, many of whom were literally in the middle of the process. '' Collins continued. “And when the clinic is paused, that process is also paused, and they're going through a pretty extreme process, sometimes even painful.”

After all, the bill's main priority is getting treatment centers reopened.

“Our biggest goal is to get these clinics reopened as we address what I call the deeper issues of the Supreme Court's decision.”

Mr Collins acknowledged that the ruling would not only impact IVF treatment.

“I think this is really a bigger issue than just clinics, and it requires very difficult protections. I think it's a conversation on both sides of the aisle and within the supermajority Republican caucus.”

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She also emphasized that Alabama is a pro-life state and said that IVF is indeed pro-life.

“We have a constitutional amendment that says we are a pro-life nation. We passed the Protecting Life Act in 2019,” Collins said. “We feel like we are a strong pro-life nation and we are proud to be a part of it, but through IVF and these methods, these women and their families are building families. I believe there is.”

Collins believes her bill could be passed and signed by Governor Ivey as early as Wednesday of this week.

Austin Shipley is a staff writer at Yellowhammer News.

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