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State Residents Stunned By ‘UFO’ Sighting Caught On Camera

Oklahoma residents believe they saw a UFO flying through the skies Monday evening, but experts believe it could be something entirely different and just as strange.

Steve Aragona and his children were standing in their front yard in Oklahoma City when a huge bright light lit up the sky, the Daily Mail reported. report.Aragona took out his cell phone and shot videos, some of which were later filmed. share On TikTok, a UFO appears to be moving slowly across the sky.

The 23-second long video shows a white light briefly floating before darting forward and expanding into a larger object. The large object then splits into smaller objects, emitting plumes like circular smoke rings to the sides. The white light then travels in the opposite direction of its original trajectory, which has no physical meaning.

@ryaninoklahoma UFO sighted in Oklahoma on March 4, 2024 at 7:30 p.m. Do you believe in UFOs? #Oklahoma #UFO ♬ Original song – Miyako

“It looks like it's separating from itself,” Aragona said, and one of the children said it looked more like a sound wave than a smoke ring. (Related: Video shows 'UFO' flying on Air Force One at Los Angeles International Airport)

Some TikTok users suggested that Aragona may have been watching the SpaceX launch from Florida. However, the Daily Mail noted that the launch took place at 6:56 p.m. EST, an hour and a half after the video was shot. And because the light was coming from the west, some believed it was another rocket launch.

“It looked like a normal ascent of a rocket with a booster separating the stages. This is, so to speak, a new burst of oxidized propellant coming out of the separation of the first stage.” says Ken Carson, an aerospace professor at the University of Oklahoma. Said local news outlets. But Vandenberg Space Force Base in California also said this was not their rocket. So what is it?

I do not understand. But the truth is out there.

But all kidding aside, it's probably just drone Move through fog or mist or something. Or a UFO. It's really up to you.

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