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Steve Flowers: Liberal Democrats in Washington Fear Katie Britt

Senator Katie Britt has quickly established herself as one of the most capable and respected members of the United States Senate.

“In my many years of observing state and national politics, I have never seen anyone gain the respect of both parties as quickly and as conscientiously as Rep. Britt has in just 16 months since taking office. And she has done all this while steadily and forcefully defending the Christian conservative values ​​and priorities that Alabamians hold dear. In recognition of her strong conservative voting record, Rep. Britt was awarded CPAC's Conservative Achievement Award this year.

In a pre-Christmas column last December, I wrote about Senator Britt's early mastery of her roles on the Appropriations, Banking and Rules Committees. She has secured the ninth-most funding of any 100 U.S. Senators through the Appropriations Committee, even though she is a freshman and the youngest in that position at the beginning of the year. This skill in putting Alabamians' taxpayer dollars back home and investing wisely in the state's future is the hallmark of a veteran female politician and far surpasses Britt's status as the youngest Republican woman elected to the Senate.

In addition to his spending prowess, Britt has also outdone his colleagues on the legislative front. In the past few weeks alone, he has seen several bills he co-sponsored pass with overwhelming bipartisan support, including a complex foreign policy bill to crack down on America's biggest adversaries: China, Iran, and Russia. Britt has emerged as a staunch advocate for Alabama's military bases and communities. This month, he helped stop the Biden administration from stripping training funding from the Army Aviation Center of Excellence at Fort Rucker in his hometown of Wiregrass. His intervention was believed to be essential in preventing the flight simulation training program from being canceled.

It's no secret that Senator Britt has quickly established herself as one of Washington's leading border security and anti-illegal immigration hawks. She worked with Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina to help push for the fentanyl ban that became law in April.

Katie is a champion for rural housing affordability and rural infrastructure development. She has also made it her personal mission to increase access to health care and improve health care outcomes for rural Alabama residents. First, Britt recently partnered with Democratic Senator LaFonza Butler of California to introduce the NIH IMPROVE Act. This bipartisan bill would conduct critical research on America's maternal mortality crisis and provide consistent support and resources to improve health care outcomes for women before, during, and after pregnancy. This type of effort is especially needed in Alabama, where more than one-third of the state's 67 counties are classified as “maternity care deserts.” Britt's introduction of the comprehensive MOMS bill with Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida speaks to her determination to solve the challenges facing so many women, children, and families. Sadly, Alabama has the highest maternal mortality rate in the country. It is because of this reality that Britt introduced the Rural Maternity Preparedness Act with Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire.

Additionally, Britt is co-sponsoring important bipartisan legislation to expand telehealth services through Medicare and make it easier for patients to connect with their doctors, as well as two bipartisan bills to improve access to affordable insulin for all Alabamians.

Finally, Ms. Britt has worked with Senator Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., to introduce the Youth Mental Health Research Act. Ms. Britt is an Honorary Congressional Working Group Member of the Bipartisan Policy Center's Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Task Force, highlighting her national leadership on issues of critical importance to America's children and families.

Unfortunately, most of these bipartisan efforts by Britt are not covered by the liberal media and are never heard of or seen. The Democratic Party's left wing, Nancy Pelosi, is lying and distorting Katie Britt's bipartisan work to support women. They are afraid of our Katie Britt. The far-right liberal left only goes after worthy targets and they are going after Alabama's Katie Britt. If you want to know the worth of someone, look at who is attacking them.

“Britt is an incredibly smart Republican superstar who shines a light on the best of Alabama every day. We are fortunate to have a dependable senator who effectively exerts influence behind the scenes while fighting for Alabama's Christian conservative values. That's why she was invited to take her seat at the Senate Republican leadership table. Britt is not only shaping Alabama's future, she is our state's greatest asset today.”

see you next week.

Steve Flowers is Alabama's leading political columnist. His weekly column appears in over 60 newspapers across Alabama. He served as a state representative for 16 years. Steve can be contacted at [email protected].

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