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Stingray Might Have Gotten Pregnant By Shark At North Carolina Aquarium: REPORT

Meanwhile, in crazy animal news…

A female stingray (named Charlotte) is pregnant at an aquarium in North Carolina, but there's a surprising turn of events. There are no males. And now the aquarium is determined to figure out what the heck is going on.

Hendersonvilles located 165 miles west of Charlotte Aquarium and Shark Research Institute by Team Ecco The stingray is planning to give birth to a baby, but she has no idea how and wonders if it's the male shark's fault. Wait, shark?

Yes, it's a shark. To be more precise, it's a white-spotted shark.

With this unusual pregnancy, there are two explanations for what's going on, one of which is a shark.

Research shows that animals, including stingrays, are capable of asexual reproduction even when the species lacks the ability to reproduce. USA Today. (Related article: Elite catch: 1,000-pound great white shark captured by fisherman off Miami Beach)

Hendersonville Aquarium said the stingray's swelling initially led them to suspect cancer. fox carolina. For her further investigation, they take her for her ultrasound and it is finally revealed that her swelling is actually an egg – Charlotte is pregnant!

But how?

In addition to the asexual reproduction explanation, the aquarium is skeptical that a shark could have impregnated the stingray because of the bite marks found on Charlotte. Bite marks are a common sign of shark mating. In July 2023, two young white sharks were placed in a stingray tank.

The aquarium told FOX Carolina, “We have conclusive video of the latest ultrasound showing two, if not three, puppies.” “Unless there are visual clues that it is a hybrid, you will need to have her DNA tested after the puppy is born.”

Team Echo also states that Charlotte will be giving birth soon.

A new species of animal? …Everyone, please stay tuned.

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