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Super Bowl Streaker Gets Instantly Mobbed By Security

Midway through Sunday's Super Bowl third quarter, a Super Bowl streaker was completely surrounded by security guards in Las Vegas.

Multiple fan videos show the bullish bastard running behind the Chiefs' 20-yard line, eventually slipping like a quarterback who just got a first down, and being promptly tackled by security. There is.

Furthermore, it appears that security guards piled on top of the shirtless idiot, formed an eight-person scrum, secured him, and handcuffed him.

Four of them then quickly drag him into the tunnel, ending his short tenure as the most exciting spectacle in a very boring game.

I mean, he's clearly an idiot, but this requires an incredible amount of balls. Or brown liquor. Probably both. (Related article: 'Keep Me In!': Travis Kelce furious at coach Andy Reid after costly Chiefs failure)

This guy will likely face a fine of several thousand dollars and a lifetime ban from all future NFL games. All for his 15 second stint as a naked man in Las Vegas. I hope it was worth it!

It's interesting to think about what kind of person would take on such a stupid thing. You're either rich or lucky enough to secure tickets to the most expensive Super Bowl in history, and yet you're stupid enough to run onto the field shirtless. It's a fascinating dichotomy that he sits at the center of a very small Venn diagram.

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