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Supervisor Donna Michaels cited in crash with official Yavapai County vehicle

Yavapai County District 3 Supervisor Donna Grace Michaels, 70, was involved in an accident in the vehicle she was driving in Yavapai County on Wednesday, Feb. 7. Court records state she was cited for speeding. No injuries were reported. Photo provided

No injuries were reported after two vehicles collided around 6:15 a.m. One of the vehicles was a Chevrolet Tahoe driven by Yavapai County District 3 Supervisor Donna Grace Michaels, 70, who said she was on her way to the 9 a.m. Yavapai County Board of Supervisors meeting in Prescott on Wednesday, February 7.

“On Wednesday, Feb. 7, at approximately 6:38 a.m., the Arizona Department of Public Safety investigated a two-vehicle crash that occurred on State Route 179 south of Oak Creek at the intersection of Beaverhead Flat Road (milepost 303),” Department of Public Safety spokesman Bert Graves said in an email.

The other vehicle appeared to be heading toward the village of Oak Creek, turning left onto State Route 179 from Beaverhead Flats Road. Michaels described the scene he saw while driving through Yavapai County as an “ocean of water.”

“I hit the water and lost control of my vehicle. It was dark and raining,” Michaels said in an email. “There were lots of puddles. [It’s] “The reason we're keeping an eye on it actually is because I think it's going to be a danger to anyone out there. I've never seen water standing up like that. Of course, it was raining really hard that morning. It was snowing in Prescott.” [that day] Of course, we knew we would encounter snow, so we left early on purpose.”

Michaels said he did not know if either party admitted responsibility for the accident and did not have an estimate of damages to the Yavapai County vehicle.

“I have [received] “It's an accusation of not being in control of the vehicle, which happens all the time – due to weather, turning the wheel, hitting a deer in the road or another vehicle,” Michaels said.

“As a matter of course or as a policy, I always get charged with 'Failure to Control a Vehicle.' I have absolutely no idea what to do next. From the board meeting until this moment, I was buried.” [the afternoon of Monday, Feb. 12] But I'm going to look into it and do whatever is right.'' Michaels was charged with “exceeding reasonable and prudent driving speed,” according to Verde Valley Justice Court records.

Michaels said he didn't know what the condition of the other vehicle was.

“I couldn't see anything and it was dark so I got in the sheriff's car as fast as I could and made it to the board meeting on time,” Michaels said. “So I didn't stay there and check on the situation. I know the car was towed and I'm sure mine was towed too.” Quote: Two vehicles involved in crash

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