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Survey Says? Amarillo Women Among Most Unattractive In America

A long time ago, there was a website that took the world by storm, at least the high school and college world. As you may remember, it was titled “Hot Or Not.” Basically, we rated photos of random people on their attractiveness.

Eventually, the site’s buzz and hype died down. It died relatively quickly, either because people examined all the pictures painted on it, or because people found it almost cruel.

Well, the site may be dead, but it seems like it can’t stop people from rating other people. One of her many dating apps, her Clover surveyed where the most attractive women in the United States live. Along with that, we also surveyed the states and cities where the least attractive women live.

Clover used a proprietary system to determine the ranking by “measuring the quality of interactions between users.” I’m not 100% sure how to decide if that’s attractive or unattractive, but we’re going with it.

We’ve long heard that the most attractive people live in sunny, warm states like Florida, Arizona, California, and Texas. According to this study, it looks like we were dead wrong.

If this study is correct and accurate, the most attractive females live on the East Coast, which doesn’t seem to be a close match. The top five states were Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. The West Coast finally moved up to sixth with Nevada.

So the above theory that the most attractive people come from warm, sunny states seems unconvincing. What about the theory that the most attractive people live in the South? Research shows that Southern women aren’t always highly regarded.

Mississippi ranked first on the list of the least attractive women in the country by a wide margin. In fact, research shows that Mississippi women are seven times less attractive than the national average. It’s just cruel.

So where did Texas check in? What about the 8th least attractive woman in the nation? Okay, I know what you’re thinking, but they’re supposed to be blind, right? I’ve seen so many attractive women in Texas, even at the risk of getting into trouble with my wife, so I think the people who did this research wore pretty unfocused glasses.

Believe it or not, things get even worse.

In fact, Amarillo was on the city list, but not a good one. Amarillo is home to the eighth least attractive women in the nation, according to a survey. Now get angry, you should. One might think that would be enough for Texas’ most unattractive woman, but surprisingly it wasn’t.

Fort Worth was checked in as the sixth least attractive woman in the country. I’m sorry, but all this is daunting to me.

What do you think of these women in Amarillo? Are you mad? Are you laughing at this? Please select an option below.I would like to know how this survey Makes me feel.

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