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SUZANNE DOWNING: Biden School Rules Target A Cherished Rural American Pastime

The Biden administration is at least busy working on our business. In addition to intervening in court in the 2024 presidential election, pressuring Facebook to ban conservative activism, and forcing schools to adopt radical gender ideologies, President Joe Biden is currently Bullying youth rifle and archery programs.

Last week, the Ministry of Education blocking Fund school districts that provide training in archery, hunting, and precision shooting sports that run contrary to America’s deep-rooted values ​​of independence, self-reliance, and federalism.

The goal of Mr. Biden’s anti-hunting policy is to turn the country’s heartland into a metropolitan hellscape, where transgenderism is encouraged, firearms out of the hands of a law-abiding population, and law-abiding. It is to allow violators to control the streets.

Rifle and archery training activities are proven programs that develop youth confidence, skill, composure and a sense of teamwork. These clubs are especially popular in rural and small town America. It’s a place where country singers like Jason Aldean are revered for boldly reminding the establishment that small towns across the country have their own way of doing things. (Related: Jenny Beth Martin: The Media Elite Doesn’t Understand Heartland America, And These Chart Toppers Prove It)

Youth who participate in shooting sports can use their activities to earn highly competitive ROTC and other college scholarships. Some of these young people go on to regional teams, national teams, and Olympic teams.

as Rep. Mark Greene (Republican, Tennessee); “These days it is very difficult to take children outside unless the Biden administration prevents them. I don’t want my students to learn these time-honored and important skills, but I want my children to do so.”

But the Department of Education is interpreting the “bipartisan Safe Communities Act” to close conservative-backed school activities for political purposes.

Why target rifle and archery teams? They conduct “dangerous weapon training,” prohibited by a law passed last year.

“There is no question that different states and regions have different cultures and values. But that may not be the case in other areas,” Green said. “But that is why our founders set up the federal system. I know I would be shocked if many students in my state lost out on these educational opportunities.They’re the ones I’m fighting for.”

Meanwhile, millions of students across the country have been affected by Biden’s decision to strip funding from these programs, which has led to a sedentary lifestyle for young people in America and a national It coincided with joining the obesity epidemic in the United States.

A whopping 17% of young people considered obese And a Pentagon study released in 2022 found that 77% of young Americans are unable to qualify for military service without an exemption because of obesity, drug use, or mental or physical health conditions. It is shown.

Alaska will have to turn to Rep. Green from Tennessee to contest local leadership. Because Alaska Rep. Mary Peltra isn’t going to stand up to President Biden, and in fact is fully supportive of his inauguration. Re-elected.

Senator Green, Protect hunting heritage and education law during the August recess to address this federal overreach. The Act amends the Primary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to specify that “the training of pupils in archery, hunting, or other shooting sports” is in fact subject to school funding.

Mr. Green, who chairs the Homeland Security Committee, will have to wait for the bill to be considered because the members will be in his district for the rest of the month. Still, if the bill passes the House, the Senate will be in the hands of Senator Chuck Schumer and his anti-Constitutional Second Amendment Democrats, who could bury the bill in committee. .

And Joe Biden apparently believes that only governments should be armed, and that people live better off when young people play Fortnite for hours on end.

So it’s unlikely the education ministry will change course before the school bell rings this fall. Not enough pressure from Congress.

Federal taxpayer funds will continue to be provided by the CDC for schools to establish LGBTQ clubs this fall, but schools that offer rifle and archery clubs will be required to hold bake sales to keep their programs alive.

Suzanne Downing is a publisher must read alaska.

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