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SWIFT WATER RESCUES: WARM SPRINGS WASH, ON ROUTE 66 SOUTH OF GOLDEN SHORES | The Buzz -The buzz in Bullhead City – Lake Havasu City – Kingman – Arizona – California

On Wednesday (March 15), the Mojave County Sheriff’s Office announced a driver who entered a running wash or was stuck between two running washes near the Warm Springs wash on Route 66 just south of Golden Shores. I received many calls for help from. One vehicle was a Grand Jeep his Cherokee with 4 people (2 adults aged 37, 1 child aged 4 and 1 child aged 9 months). They were stuck in the mud, surrounded by water, with a cliff on one side of the vehicle. Another call was that his Ford Fusion hybrid was soaked in water and couldn’t move back and forth, water was on the hood and the trunk was full of groceries. Another phone mentioned a red Hyundai, called a family member, and indicated it was stranded near Courtrite Mile Post 5 along with others from the microburst. Many calls were dispatched asking for help. Our Bullhead and Lake Havasu search and rescue teams worked to assist all these drivers. Rain for these afternoons and evenings was not included in the forecast, but most of the time there is accumulation of significant amounts of rain. Many of these roads are flooded and calls come in from stranded motorists. You can avoid a lot of things by staying home and waiting for the storm to pass, or by turning around. While rescuers responded, he observed an abandoned vehicle in two feet of water near the Sacramento Wash. As the team passed it another fifteen or so vehicles of his were not in imminent danger but were stuck during the wash run. A search team was able to lead people in a dangerous position to safety by helping them off the flooded roads.Another team said his 2 people got lost in the middle of the desert after getting separated from their car. I found a human adult. The two were trying to find their way to the Golden Shores on foot and were escorted to safety. Another vehicle stuck in the wash was the Mercury Mountaineer. As the water began to recede, the Mojave County Highway Department began hauling heavy equipment into the flooded area and clearing the roads. This allowed people who were stuck between two car washes to reach safety. During a rescue, one woman who was stuck between washes needed vital medicine, which she didn’t have. Not far away came another emergency call regarding a train derailment – containing the first reports of hazardous materials. The urgency has only increased these rescue efforts! No emergencies are planned. In the worst of times, the unexpected happens. You never know when your trip will be delayed and how long it will take, so it’s important to be prepared. Always keep enough supplies in your vehicle. Some think they are only a few miles away from returning to “home” or work. Not worth the risk. Look around and if there is water, turn around – don’t drown!!

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