Sen. Tuberville calls on Congress to ‘reverse Biden’s radical energy agenda’

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) believes President Joe Biden's energy policies are undermining America's national security. in Fox News Op-EdThe senators argued that policies should be pursued to expand domestic energy production in the United States and reduce reliance on energy from hostile countries around the world. The Biden administration has waged a war on American […]

Rep. Jerry Carl: Biden’s ‘America Last’ agenda

The Biden administration is completely out of control and the American people are suffering the most. Biden's regulations have imposed significant burdens on the American people in many ways, including reducing consumer choice and small business success. The current Administration has abused its authority to bring agency regulations into the United States. President Biden has […]

Birmingham Business Alliance adds two legislative priorities to 2024 agenda

As the 2024 legislative session progresses, the Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA) announced it will add two legislative priorities to its agenda: expanding Alabama's port infrastructure and strengthening the child care tax credit. The BBA says it fully supports the expansion of the Port of Birmingham, recognizing the role that transport and logistics play in economic […]

Bill that would ban certain flags on public property back on agenda

The bill by state Sen. Gerald Allen (R-Tuscaloosa) will be taken up again in committee this week after the public roundly criticized it last week. Allen called for SB4 to be repealed after last week's hearing. It had been on the table the previous week, but the Senate State Government Affairs Committee adjourned due to […]

EXCLUSIVE: Ad Campaign Targets Joe Biden For Massive Costs Resulting From Green Agenda, EV Push

A new digital ad campaign will roll out Thursday to highlight the additional costs associated with President Joe Biden's aggressive electric vehicle (EV) policy. Consumers Federation (AFC), a nonprofit organization group The consumer protection company is running a campaign to draw attention to the hidden and obvious costs that the Biden administration's EV policies will […]

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Trump To Detail America First Agenda In CPAC Speech

In his CPAC speech on Saturday, former President Donald Trump detailed his vision for a second term dominated by America First policies, and said that under the Joe Biden administration, former President Donald Trump He also plans to explain potential pitfalls over the next four years. The person who called. Trump, a front-runner for the […]