Stanislaus County swaps previous agricultural commissioner and sealer with San Joaquin’s

The Stanislaus Board of Supervisors has appointed an experienced agriculture commissioner and weights and measures sealer to the county for a four-year term, according to a news release. Linda Pinfold, currently San Joaquin County’s assistant agriculture commissioner and sealer, will begin working for Stanislaus on March 27, said county spokeswoman Sonya Severo. Predecessor of Pinfold, […]

The Importance of Yuma’s Agricultural Water in the Colorado River Basin

Yuma County Agricultural Water Coalition and Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association Provide Resources to Demonstrate the Importance of Agriculture Yumano water allocation Yuma, Alice. and bard, california, March 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A prolonged drought in the West casts uncertainty on the fate of the Colorado River. As a result, agriculture is in jeopardy.Agricultural water is […]

BOS votes to allow cannabis cultivation in agricultural areas

Photo by: Cannabis can now be grown in agricultural areas of Graham County, not just industrial estates. John Johnson john johnson SAFORD – After hearing from proponents at a public meeting during a special session of the Graham County Board of Supervisors on Monday and discussion at an enforcement session, the BOS will approve […]

Yuma County was awarded $6 Million for Agricultural Area Broadband | Yuma

photo courtesy Doug Ducey Yuma County – Before leaving office, former Governor Doug Ducey made sure to notify Yuma County of a $6 million award to help build a network of wireless broadband towers to support the county’s agricultural industry and rural broadband access. bottom. State-of-the-art mobile tower networks enable the use of remote sensors, […]