Political moves aim to dim Black History Month’s shine

As we step into the reflective corridors of Black History Month, a time dedicated to celebrating this great achievement and recognizing the central role of African Americans in shaping U.S. history, we hear a cacophony of sounds from Alabama. The sound echoes. The contrast is clear. On the one hand, the contributions and struggles of […]

Arizona Takes Aim at Alfalfa Farming in Water-Stressed Regions

InsightproteinEnvironment: Weather and climateweAgriculture October 24, 2023 Arizona's governor has moved to terminate leases with several companies that pump groundwater to farm alfalfa on federal land, including one held by a subsidiary of Saudi Arabian dairy giant Almarai. In explaining the move, the governor said the companies had violated the terms of the agreement. But […]

GOP Lawmakers Take Aim At The Pentagon’s Electric Vehicle Overhaul

Many House Republicans are using amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to counter the Pentagon’s plans to accelerate the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs). Republican Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, and Rep. Paul Gossard of Arizona are allies to block the Pentagon’s push to go all-electric by 2050. […]

California lawmakers take aim at Ticketmaster

Claire Fenn grew up listening to Taylor Swift’s music, so when Taylor Swift announced her latest tour, she jumped at the chance to buy a ticket. But like many heartbroken Swift fans, Fenn didn’t get a ticket. After being put on the Ticketmaster pre-sale waiting list in November, the 21-year-old embarked on the seemingly “impossible” […]

House Republicans’ New Defense Bill Takes Aim At LGBTQ Policies In The Military

House Republicans are introducing new funding and policy changes in a defense spending bill due later this year, including plans to block funding for left-wing activities such as LGBTQ ideology and diversity training. is House Appropriations Committee completes $826 billion defense spending hike Specification The House Armed Services Committee ended its consideration of the National […]

Tucker Carlson Takes Aim At ‘Wannabe Dictator’ Biden

The Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson has accused President Joe Biden of being a “wannabe dictator.” Carlson lashed out at the president’s leadership in the fourth episode of the popular series “Tucker on Twitter.” He accused the media and the Biden administration of punishing those who dared to label the president with this title, including […]

Weed warriors take aim at Tucson’s largest stinknet outbreak so far

To the untrained eye, the drab dirt land near Stone Avenue and Prince Road seems to be splashed with welcome spring colors. But for weed warrior Tony Figueroa, this newly sprouted field of distinctive yellow wildflowers is a battlefield. Mr. Figueroa spent several hours last week spraying herbicide on Tucson’s newest and largest stinkbug, a […]

From ashes to fly larvae, new ideas aim to revive farm soil

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Jan. 30 (Reuters) – As extreme weather and human activity ravage the world’s arable lands, scientists and developers seek new, little-proven ways to conserve soil for agriculture. I am considering how to do this. One company injects liquid clay into the California desert to trap moisture and help fruit grow, while another in […]