Wes Allen on Biden amnesty plan: ‘Radical and lawless’

Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen denounced President Joe Biden's new plan to grant pardons. Thousands of illegal immigrants Currently residing in the US “Today, Biden issued an executive order that provides massive amnesty to illegal immigrants currently residing in our country,” Allen said. “When you combine this with his previous executive order on voter […]

7 Things: Tuberville thinks Biden will be replaced; Biden’s amnesty is bigger than most thought; and more …

7. In the medical community, there are actually Suggest In the United States, where behavioral change is emphasized over “quick fixes” through drugs or surgery, the recommendation seems to be to promote gender-affirming medical care. The United States Preventive Services Task Force currently recommends that primary care clinicians should provide intensive behavioral interventions to children […]

MEHLMAN: Democrats Unveil Massive New Amnesty Bill for 75% Of Illegal Aliens

Granting large amnesties to reward illegal immigration has traditionally been difficult for Americans. So the marketing tactics of the amnesty advocates are actually doing us a favor by having millions of illegal immigrants here, and giving them legal permanent residency is what we need to do. Selling to the American public the idea that is […]